Lord, I watched that movie again today.  You know the one.

It shows clearly and without question Your Passion for us, Your creation.

It shows the depths of Your love for us, Your willingness to suffer and die for our wrong-doing.

Even while we were in our sins, You died for us.

O, Lord!

How can we ever understand the height, the depth of Your love for us, the unthinkable riches of Your mercy and grace toward us!

You love us with a love everlasting.



As always, my heart is full at the realization of Your love for me.

It shatters with the knowledge of the pain You endured.

It shrinks in the face of my unworthiness.

It rushes forward, wanting nothing more than Your will and Your blessing.

Lord, take my life, and use it for Your Glory.

Fill me with Your power, Your strength.

Give me the courage and the perseverance to follow where You lead.

And lead me in the Way everlasting.

I am Yours, Lord.

Fill me with Your Spirit.

Mold me into the woman You want me to be.

Bless me richly, that I might be a blessing to others.

Only what is done for You will last and bring blessing.


© Drusilla Mott and, 2012

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