What Jesus Means to Me

Jesus Freaks. Holy Rollers. Bible Thumpers.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it is probably assured that you have heard these unflattering, unkind, judgmental descriptions of Christians. I know I have, way more times than I care to count.

If you are not a believer, you may have even used these terms yourself, whether in your thoughts or even spoken the words out loud.

But what does it really mean to be a Christian?

By its own definition, a Christian is someone that follows Christ. This is what my Microsoft Works Dictionary says is the definition of Christian: “believer in Jesus Christ as savior: somebody whose religion is Christianity”

While man’s view may be correct in one sense, it is wrong in another sense. Man has put that label on those that are not Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or atheist, to name a few. But, just because you are not one of these other religions, it does not make you a Christian in the true sense of the word.

A ‘true’ Christian is a follower of Jesus. Someone that believes He is the Messiah, the Savior, God’s Only Son. Someone that believes He is God in human form who came to this earth for the sole purpose of taking the punishment for our sins on himself. Someone that has confessed their sins and has accepted Him as their Savior. Someone that believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God, given to us for doctrine, reproof, correction, edification, that we may be complete, thoroughly equipped to do God’s work.

I understand that these may seem like generalizations, something that may be shrugged off as Biblical mumbo-jumbo. So, let me get personal.

Let me explain to you exactly what being a Christian means to me.

To me being a follower of Christ is the most important thing I can do. It is the deciding factor on whether I spend eternity in heaven or hell. It is having the assurance that my sins are forgiven, to be remembered no more by the God that Created me.

Still too general? OK.

It is also having a best friend that loves me unconditionally. That will never turn away from me even though I may move away from Him. It is knowing I have Someone that will fill me with His power and might to enable me to do the tasks He asks me to do.

He will not get me out of all of my problems or trials. He will not always keep me from persecutions or tribulations. But I know when I am in those valleys of despair, I only have to look to Him to get me through them with a peace and joy that no one else can give me.

When I am weak or tired or in pain, He gives me the strength to go on. When I am hurt or angry because of something someone has done to me, He gives me the ability to forgive and love them as He loves me.

He helps me to pray when I don’t know what to pray. He stands in the breach and intercedes for me when words fail me.

A crutch you say? Maybe. And I thank God every day for it.

He knew me and loved me before the foundations of the world. He knows my thoughts, my heart, even the number of hairs on my head. I am precious in His sight.

No matter where I go, or what I do, I know He is there before me; loving me, guiding me, lifting me up, leading me ever toward Him.

Jesus is my all in all, my beginning and my end. He is my joy unspeakable, my peace eternal. He is the lover of my soul. He is my Brother, with whom I share in God’s eternal reward. He is my King and my Lord.

I love Him with everything that is in me, and am not ashamed to say I am His.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2017, 2019

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

As I sit here this afternoon, the late summer sun floods through the windows as a light breeze moves the blinds in a barely perceptible flutter. It feels like fall, smells like fall, a hint of fresh mown grass coming in on the breeze. I am hours late with this post, having slept a bit later than normal and then spending time after breakfast doing some step-aerobic exercises.

I am sitting back against the arms of the sofa, my feet up on the cushions, pain from those exercises making itself felt. I am not sure how to approach said exercises, knowing I need to take off some weight, but also still dealing with the slipped disk in my back and pain that seems to be in my bones, Arthritis? I don’t know, but it is a burning tooth-ache-like pain in the bones from my waist down – at times feeling like I am being crushed. It was bad enough after lunch that I took three ibuprofen with a glass of milk and then tried to settle on the couch.

As I sit here, I can hear a backhoe digging somewhere in the neighborhood intermingling with the sounds of John Starnes coming from my stereo system. Yes. I am one of those that still has a stereo system. One of those sets that used to come with its own rack to hold it – AM-FM Tuner, Tape Deck, and Amplifier. It was bought used to replace the one that I had owned since the early 80’s. It is definitely a relic of times gone by, but I was fortunate enough to figure out that one of the jacks in the back could be used for my decade old i-pod. So now I sit here, listening to John Starnes and pondering the current events in this country.

It seems to be the common consensus among Christians that we are in a downward spiral and headed toward the end times.

No. Correct that.

We are not headed toward them, we are in them already. The Bible makes it plain that what is happening now has been foretold and things will continue to unfold according to God’s plan.

I have heard people say that they think God put President Trump in the White House to give us a reprieve in answer to our prayers. That makes me think that if the left regains control, we will be headed into a time of persecution the likes of which we have never seen in this country. There are definite signs that we are headed in that direction, and President Trump can only hold office for another five years at the most.

I have read other blogs in which the writer has stated feeling a sense of doom about what is to come. Others feel a surety that we will be facing a spiritual battle that will be unprecedented in this country.

So, as I sit here, waiting for the pain pills to kick in, I find myself praying, but also find I am unsure what to pray for. I have heard differing opinions on what that should be. Some say pray for deliverance. Others say pray for the strength to endure to the end. So I find myself praying like the prayer coin. First for deliverance, and then for the strength to endure if the deliverance is delayed.

And that is when the sounds of John Starnes sneaks into my conscious thought and fills my heart and mind with the words, and the answer to the question of how to face what the future may hold …….

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Look Full In His Wonderful Face.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2019