Merry Christmas!

“For unto you is born this day

in the city of David

a Saviour which is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11


As I have gone through the past month, I have been reminded over and over again that this is the season of Hope, Love and Grace.  This time of year we are all reminded that God loves us so much that He sent His Only Son to take the sins of all of mankind on Himself, to suffer the judgment of God that should rightfully be ours.

As I went into the Thanksgiving holiday, I reflected on all the blessings that my Heavenly Father has bestowed on me over the course of my lifetime, the most meaningful being that He offered Salvation and Forgiveness for my sins.

As I hauled out all of the Christmas decorations, I was conscious of the fact that they were all worldly trappings that may sometimes seem to overshadow the true meaning of this Holy Celebration of Birth and Life. And I was brought to a state of praise and thanksgiving for the reminder that there is so much more for us if we would just look up and draw Him into our lives and hearts.

I have felt under the weather off and on over the past month, a cold or sinus infection or something seems not to want to let go, insisting on so generously granting me the gifts of congestion, runny nose and a persistent cough.  Constant pain drags at me, and the cold temperatures only intensify the ache that seems permanently settled into my bones.

Quite often I found myself bundled under warm blankets, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, trying to ease the ache by shutting out the cool air with my Grandmother’s knitted blanket.

But through it all has been the reminder that I am Loved and Cherished and Forgiven!

OH! Glorious blessings of Mercy and Grace!

As we go through all the preparations for Christmas, let us keep in mind that this day is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior.

May God’s Love and His Peace fill you

as you celebrate the birth of our Redeemer.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2017


What Jesus Means To Me

Jesus Freaks. Holy Rollers. Bible Thumpers.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it is probably assured that you have heard these unflattering, unkind, judgmental descriptions of Christians. I know I have, way more times than I care to count.

If you are not a believer, you may have even used these terms yourself, whether in your thoughts or even spoken the words out loud.

But what does it really mean to be a Christian?

By its own definition, a Christian is someone that follows Christ. This is what my Microsoft Works Dictionary says is the definition of Christian: “believer in Jesus Christ as savior: somebody whose religion is Christianity”

While man’s view may be correct in one sense, it is wrong in another sense. Man has put that label on those that are not Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or atheist, to name a few. But, just because you are not one of these other religions, it does not make you a Christian in the true sense of the word.

A ‘true’ Christian is a follower of Jesus. Someone that believes He is the Messiah, the Savior, God’s Only Son. Someone that believes He is God in human form who came to this earth for the sole purpose of taking the punishment for our sins on himself. Someone that has confessed their sins and has accepted Him as their Savior. Someone that believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God, given to us for doctrine, reproof, correction, edification, that we may be complete, thoroughly equipped to do God’s work.

I understand that these may seem like generalizations, something that may be shrugged off as Biblical mumbo-jumbo. So, let me get personal.

Let me explain to you exactly what being a Christian means to me.

To me being a follower of Christ is the most important thing I can do. It is the deciding factor on whether I spend eternity in heaven or hell. It is having the assurance that my sins are forgiven, to be remembered no more by the God that Created me.

Still too general? OK.

It is also having a best friend that loves me unconditionally. That will never turn away from me even though I may move away from Him. It is knowing I have Someone that will fill me with His power and might to enable me to do the tasks He asks me to do.

He will not get me out of all of my problems or trials. He will not always keep me from persecutions or tribulations. But I know when I am in those valleys of despair, I only have to look to Him to get me through them with a peace and joy that no one else can give me.

When I am weak or tired or in pain, He gives me the strength to go on. When I am hurt or angry because of something someone has done to me, He gives me the ability to forgive and love them as He loves me.

He helps me to pray when I don’t know what to pray. He stands in the breach and intercedes for me when words fail me.

A crutch you say? Maybe. And I thank God every day for it.

He knew me and loved me before the foundations of the world. He knows my thoughts, my heart, even the number of hairs on my head. I am precious in His sight.

No matter where I go, or what I do, I know He is there before me; loving me, guiding me, lifting me up, leading me ever toward Him.

Jesus is my all in all, my beginning and my end. He is my joy unspeakable, my peace eternal. He is the lover of my soul. He is my Brother, with whom I share in God’s eternal reward. He is my King and my Lord.

I love Him with everything that is in me, and am not ashamed to say I am His.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2017