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As you can see from the statement to the right, this site is dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Most everything posted here will in some way touch on my faith and my relationship with Him.  He is my all-in-all, my beginning and my end; and I pray that this site will bring Him glory and be a blessing to all who visit.
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I started this blog to share what is going on in my life, and to find an outlet for all the words that crowd into the back of my mind from time to time.

My posts will be about my faith, and my family, with a little bit of my fiction writing thrown in for good measure.   I will talk about my tribulations and my triumphs, and about things that interest me or touch my heart.

I am going to attempt to keep to a schedule for my posts:

Miscellaneous Monday:  going with the ‘M’ theme — a ‘mish-mash’ of anything and everything that is dear to my heart.  Family, pets, friends, craft projects, travel, pictures, songs, hymns, book and movie reviews … you get the idea.

YouTube Tuesday: sharing videos that have touched me or helped me.

Wisdom Wednesdayexcerpts from public domain books I am reading, parts that have touched me or that have really shown me something I need to learn.

Thoughtful Thursday: a short article (or not so short, depending on the topic and my eloquence that week) on a Bible verse or Bible lesson that I happen to be studying or thinking about.

Fiction Friday:   a short inspirational story or an excerpt from my manuscript.  With this I would ask that you give me an open and honest opinion of my writing.  Be my critique partner, not afraid to speak plainly.  In short, take my words apart and help me improve where I need improvement, with no snarky-ness.  (In all honesty I know none of you would be snarky, but I love that word –it makes me smile. )

My fiction can be found by clicking the link in the header.

Scenic Saturday: Photos of my life

I promise to do my best not to put you to sleep.

Please don’t be shy.  Leave comments at the bottom of the posts, but remember I reserve the right to delete anything offensive, rude, nasty or snarky.

Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you read, sign up to receive notifications of each post by email.

Come back and visit again.

I have started a photo blog at Highways and Byways of My Life and would enjoy a visit when you are in that neck of the woods.  I may re-blog those photos here from time to time, also.

And, although I am no longer a contributor due to various factors, I do have articles posted at ChristianBlessings, if you would like to visit there.

Drusilla Mott

About me

I spent nine years volunteering part time in the office of my church, preparing the Sunday Morning Worship Service bulletins and our monthly newsletters, along with typing letters, and filing. I love working on the computer, and general office work.

When my uncle and pastor retired May 2011 due to illness, I began to pray for some other way to serve and be a blessing.  I was led to start this blog.

I have always loved to read, a passion inherited from my mom and her mom. As I grew older, that interest soon evolved into trying to tell the story my way.  Now I am endeavoring to put that passion to good use and bring glory to God. I want to write stories that will share my faith while entertaining and enriching the reader’s life.

Besides reading, my hobbies include scrapbooking and gardening.  I love inspirational romances, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and the Left Behind Series.  My favorite movies are those that share the names of my favorite books, along with Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous.

I am married with one son, three step-sons, one step-daughter, seven grandchildren.


This is my personal blog.   It is my opinions and feelings, memories and life.  I make no claim as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or authenticity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

35 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi there! I just noticed someone new had subscribed to my blog (don’t know why I didn’t get a message from WP before this). Thanks, I look forward to seeing what you are into, it looks like we have a lot of the same interests.


  2. Hi Drusilla, thank you for your comments on ChristianBlessings. Was looking for your email address and could not find it. Would like to invite you to join our panel of Contributors.

    A co-laborer in Christ


  3. I just want to personally thank you Dru for accepting my thankfulness in being part of God’s wonderful family, you are very special to me and a wonderful caring Sister in The Lord, from the start of my blogging, each day I would check for you likes and your comments, they were always so uplifting and Loving, … if I haven’t mentioned before I’m thankful our lives touched ok ok I have said it before heaps… but it is True!

    Besides you laugh at my zany jokes and what’s so amazing is you get them 😀 how good is that!

    I hope to share much more with you Sister Dru, I Love your beautiful caring, PATIENT Loving heart.

    Christian Love Annie.


  4. Hi Dru I can’t contact you by e-mail Telstra is haveing problems and a lot of us in Australia are unable to send or receive e-mails.

    I need your prayers My Sister in New Zealand died last night, Anne is my 1/2 Sister we had the same Dad, I was named after her, she was 71, it was sudden, please pray I’m hurting so much.

    Love Anne


  5. Hi Dru as I think back to the start of my blogging and right through there were a few people who always appreciated my Zany sense of humour and you were one, this gave me joy when things got tough but you also had a good balance and appreciated the serious posts too, I just wanted to say thank you for this, it won’t be forgotten and also to tell you I have included you in my Fun Award. There is a time for everything, thanks for the laughs, even if you can’t cook fish! 😀

    Christian Love Annie


  6. Hi Drusilla,
    Thanks for checking out my blog… Love the sincerity of your blog – I’m looking forward to coming back soon. Blessings!


  7. Hi Drusilla, I love your re-design!! That scripture is wonderful, have been thinking on that one since Courageous came out, actually since the song, not the movie!

    Blessings my friend



  8. Hello a mutual friend (Lynn Leahz) recommended I visit you and I am glad she did… it is nice to meet you and in getting to know another sister in Christ. Blessings – Patty


    • Thank you Willboywonder. And my apologies … I forgot to get in here and answer your comment. I am overjoyed that you enjoy my posts, and hope you will continue to visit. I will try to get to visit you soon. As for the Award, I think I answered that on your post nomination and let you know that I no longer accept awards on this site. It just got to be too much, taking away from the real purpose for this blog – bringing glory to Jesus. If you care to see what I have received previously, you can check out the AWARDS in the header above. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. Blessings for your day.


  9. Hi Drusilla..thanks for stopping by “Unwalled”….I’m happy that my latest post “Cutting Truth to Shake Your World” was a blessing to you….feel free to stop by again…..blessings, Kim


  10. Just stopped by to say hello. Thank you for listing my blog on your page as blogs you follow. Thank God that you have been blogging for many years. I stopped for a while because of a difficult trial I was going through. Plus I wrote a book which took up my time. I just wrote a few blogs recently. Don’t know if I’m back for good. Just was glad to see that you’re still out there. God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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