What Our Praise Means to God

Have you ever truly thought about what our time with the Lord means to Him?

I have known for years that God loves and longs for our praise and worship; but it never truly hit home until this morning just how much He does love us.

I had read books on beginning our time with the Lord praising God because He loves receiving our worship. These writers had explained that we should not just run to God with our list of requests without first getting our own hearts in the proper attitude first. But I had never really understood just what that meant.

It wasn’t until a week or so ago that I was watching a show on TV and the pastor was talking about his quiet time with the Lord and explaining how he had allowed his hectic life to steal the time he had set aside to enter God’s presence. He said that he used to begin this time in worship, singing praise songs to his Savior; but that he had stopped doing that and just went right into reading his Bible and praying. He said that one day God asked him about it, reminding him that he used to spend time singing praises and that he needed to start doing so again.

That struck me as a light bulb going off and I began to play some songs on my ipod before going into our prayer and Bible study time.

And then this morning as I sat in the near dark, listening through headphones to “What A Beautiful Name” I had a clear picture of Jesus standing in heaven, looking down on the world of men. His love and longing for us was so clear and His yearning to be a part of our lives was palpable as He watched us going about our day to day lives with no thought for Him.

The words to the song are :

** “You didn’t want heaven without us, So Jesus You brought heaven down
My sin was great, Your love was greater; what can separate us now?”

I could see the decision reach Him of what He needed to do, and He came to this earth to try and reach us lost souls. My mind’s eye replayed His life from birth in that cave, His walk among us as the Creator of the universe and the lover of our souls, to His tortuous death on the cross to cover the cost of our sin and shame.

All because He loves us with an everlasting love and wants more than anything to be able to be in our lives.

I will never again start my day without praising and worshiping Him for all that He has done for me and for all that He is to me.

I pray you have a blessed day.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2020

** Words and Music by
Ben Fielding & Brooke Ligertwood
© 2016 Hillsong Music Publishing.
CCLI Song No. 7068424

God Is Moving

Good morning.

It is quiet today. Not so quiet as it’s been for these past six months, but still quiet compared to what it was like a year ago.

My heart breaks for all those that have suffered through these past months, the loss of loved ones, finances and health have certainly taken a toll on those around us.

But, if I am honest – and I have a tendency to be painfully honest – I have enjoyed these months of forced separation. As I have previously admitted, I am a ‘home-body’; preferring to be at home with a hot cup of coffee and either my Bible or a good book. (And I have read quite a few during this shutdown, but I will save that for later.)

I have wondered what the Lord was doing in this pandemic; why He was allowing it and how He was using it to bring about His perfect will. I have heard more than one minister, Christian talk-show host, or prophecy scholar say that it was giving us time to press into the Lord; to abide under His wings and walk closer into His perfect will.

The pause basically left us with time to spend on our relationship with Him – took us away from the outside influences that seem to suck up all of our time and attention, took us away from each other, and left us with only Him to turn to.

And I have seen that here, in my life.

I had been asking for more time to spend with Him, more time to spend in His Word and in conversation with Him. I am in no way suggesting that my prayer for a closer walk is what brought about this enforced shutdown; but it turned out to be an answer to my prayers nonetheless.

Through things going on with me personally and things that are going on in the lives of those closest to me, I have found my faith and my trust in my Heavenly Father growing exponentially.

It is when you have had your earthly support system stripped away, when you are forced to stand alone and face an uncertain future, that His strength is what we need to rely on.

Over the years I had my earthly support system taken from me, leaving me standing alone with just Jesus to turn to; and I have learned that He is really all that I need. These past months have solidified that knowledge for me; and because of my acknowledgment of my complete dependence on Him, He has begun to rebuild my support system with at least one person that is so strong in the faith, it makes me crave that same depth of Spirit-filled life.

And, Praise God! He is leading me into a Holy-Spirit-led existence that far exceeds anything I have ever known. He is leading me in my prayer life, in a spiritual battle for people around me, showing me how to use the power of Jesus’ name to fight for family and friends.

And I am seeing, and feeling, evidence of His love and mercy.

I have a family member that has been suffering through debilitating physical injuries and financial loss due to losing his job. I have been praying for his healing and have had my ‘mentor’ praying also. It was during a phone call with this person that they began to pray for the suffering family member, and as they prayed, thoughts came into my head. And with each thought that came into my mind, the person praying began to pray those exact things. Soon, tears were running down my face as I realized that God was moving within the situation and was both hearing my thoughts and directing the prayer. And when this person began to pray for me, and how I was to respond to my concern for the hurting family member, I immediately felt a Presence at my shoulder and saw a ‘form’ out of the corner of my eye. And then I could feel an actual physical warmth and pressure on my arms and sides as if someone had wrapped a heavy, warm blanket tightly around me. It was not my imagination, but a physical pressure and weight that enveloped me like a blanket. I was bathed in the warmth and love of my Savior, filled to overflowing with His presence and strength.

I have spent many a time on my knees, tears streaming down my face for loved ones, claiming the power of Jesus’ blood, shed at the cross, crying out for healing and restoration; and have gotten clear assurance that He is in control of these situations and that I am to lean into Him and trust Him while He works through them.

And, with my growing faith and prayer life, I have continued to pray for this nation.

One of the books I have read is “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. This book inspired me to find photos online of the White House, the Capital Building and the Supreme Court and to pray over them as I circle them with my finger.

I watch the riots and destruction going on in liberal cities and again wonder why the Lord is allowing it. I have come up with a few possibilities.

  1. He will continue to expose the corruption and evil that is rampant and use the knowledge to reach the people and bring about a world-wide awakening.
  2. He will use this to bring about the complete control of the nation to the socialists and usher in a time of persecution of all those that oppose them.
  3. He will use this to bring about the complete collapse of this nation; which will set the stage for the Rapture and the seven year Tribulation.
  4. All of the above in whatever order He so chooses.

But, whatever His will, I think it will be powerful and unmistakable.

And maybe that is why He is allowing these things to happen at this time. To get our attention away from this world. To focus our attention back on Him and to prepare us for what is coming.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2020