What’s Going On

Hi everyone.

I have to admit up front that it feels really strange sitting here typing this post.  I have forgotten what it is like to face a blank page, ready for whatever thoughts I find the Lord putting in my head.

I went to get on Facebook this morning, using my computer for the first time in months, and could not figure out where the little Facebook icon was on my monitor.  It took me a few seconds to remember that with the computer, I had to get online first.

I decided to check in with everyone here, only to discover that things have really changed here.  I had to give myself time to figure out how to navigate through the changes.

I was also surprised to find that I still have Christmas all over this page.  Has it really been that long?  I will have to get that taken care of and get something more spring-ish on here.

As my facebook friends know, we have been sick in this house since the beginning of November, passing colds back and forth through the family until just recently.  Coughs still linger, keeping us from church for months, and from our tiny 3 month old baby granddaughter.

I have only gotten to see her twice since she was born, and I find I am wishing for more gramma time.

Even with the illnesses, we have been quite busy.  Despite the dangerous sub-zero cold and several feet of snow, we spent quite a bit of the winter helping various neighbors with snow and ice build up and leaking roofs.

More of our time was spent watching dozens of deer cleaning out the bird feeders each day.


We are more than ready for the warmer weather, and the opportunity to get outside.

Today is sunny with a projected high in the low 70s and our time will be spent cleaning up the gardens.

Prayers for a blessed day for all.

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A part of me feels the need to apologize for the depressing post last week about my struggle to lose weight. It shouts at a lack of faith and a skewed view of things. I knew it, but could not figure out how to correct that view and get back onto the straight and narrow.

My belief that God would supply everything I needed to do His will was battered because I questioned all the circumstances that were keeping me from my goals. I wanted to lose the weight, I felt I NEEDED to lose the weight for my health and well-being.

But I could not help but wonder – if He wanted me to lose the weight, why were there so many things keeping me from doing just that? Shouldn’t it have been easier? Shouldn’t it have worked?

The more I fought, the more my mind got buried in the battle. The more the scales stayed the same, the more my focus zeroed in on the fact that it just was not working.

That previous article was written ahead of time and scheduled to post a day or so later. But the day of the post, I discovered an amazing thing.

The scale had dropped in the right direction – just slightly – but it did move.

And then, today, I found three blog posts that showed me clearly why my view was skewed and why the depression was present.

The more my thoughts dwelt on the problem, the more they turned away from the Lord.

I had tunnel vision. The only thing I was seeing was the lack of results, and focusing on that sent my mood into a downward spiral.

But God is faithful and ever-present.

Even though my focus had fallen away from Him, He was still working on my behalf.

Three of my sisters in Christ wrote uplifting, encouraging articles that showed me my focus had slipped away from my Rock and my Helper; and that I needed to refocus my attention back onto Him and off the struggle with the scales.

Please, go read these articles if you have not already done so.  No matter what struggle you are going through, they will help and uplift.

Heavenly Lullabies by Jeanne Webster

Terra’s A Mind Stayed on the Rock of Ages

I’m Incredible Because God Says So! by Shenine Wiggs

Thank you ladies.
© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2013