My Week

I have spent the past week in prayer for this country, and for many that are struggling with attacks – physical, mental and spiritual. I can see the battle play out before my eyes as I watch prophecy being fulfilled around me.

I am feeling heavy of heart at what is happening; but also seeing hopeful signs that God is indeed working within these situations.

I have been told stories of physical and emotional turmoil in the lives of believers that are struggling to live for the Lord. And their rescue from the demons that have beset them.

And I can see His Hand as He brings the truth out and works all things according to His will.

Because the next few days are going to be busy, I am unsure how much I will be posting this week; and want to wish all of you a blessed week until I return.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2019

A Crazy, But Blessed Week

It is a little after ten this morning and blessedly, thankfully quiet. My husband has gone to mow at church and I am able to draw a breath for what seems like the first time this week.

It has been crazy here. As I posted Wednesday, I broke my reading glasses a week ago and spent most of Monday at Empire Visionworks getting new lenses into a pair of old frames.

What I didn’t share was that Monday afternoon I went to do laundry and discovered that our water heater was leaking. It was a slow leak, but steady, so that Tuesday was spent at Lowe’s buying a new water heater.

And this is where I discovered something that had slowly been changing in me over the course of the past few months as I delved more deeply into prayer and Bible study.

For whatever reason, my husband has been having trouble with his bank card and his credit cards. They all have the new security chip in them and more often than not will not read in the scanners. He even had to get a new bank card a few months ago because this was happening with ever increasing frequency.

So there we were, standing in line at Lowe’s, with people waiting behind us, and the scanner would not read the card. The poor girl tried and tried and tried but it just kept beeping back and coming up that it could not read the chip. She even went to another register and tried it there. Same result.

I began praying that it would take, because the only other alternative was for me to put it on my credit card. An option I did not want to do. At all.

But the guys behind us were starting to get a little irritated at the delay, so I pulled my card from my purse and told her to put it on there. Of course, it went through no problem.

And that is where the change of heart was found.

A year ago, even six months ago, I would have been highly irritated at having to put that amount of money on my card. I would have felt a great deal of anxiety about being able to pay the bill. I would have been angry at my husband for having a card that would not read in the scanner and I would have been irritated with God for not fixing the problem for me.

But, much to my surprise, I was at peace.

I felt like He was standing there next to me, arm around my shoulders, assuring me that it was okay. Not to worry about it. He was taking care of it.

My husband was irritated, and it fell to me to assure him that it was okay. That the Lord must have worked it that way for a purpose that we could not see. And even as the words were coming out of my mouth, I felt the surprise at how my thoughts and feelings had changed.

And I felt His approval at my growth, and the peace and love that He had poured into me.

That strengthened bond carried me through Wednesday as we struggled to get the old 80 gallon tank out of the house and the new one in and hooked up. It carried me through the prayer process that the new fittings and electric hookup would be correct and not cause any more problems. It carried me through yesterday’s prayer that we would be given the strength to get the gardens ready for winter.

And now, this morning, even though I ache from all the extra physical labor, I am filled to overflowing with a sense of joy at His love and provision.

My prayer today is that each of you find that sense of joy and love and provision as you go through your day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2019