Miscellaneous Monday – My Thoughts and Interpretations

I started this blog more than ten years ago and over the course of that time, I have been witness to God‘s hand moving through His people to bring His message to the world. I used to marvel that He would give me something to share, and having posted it, I would find other bloggers sharing the same thoughts and ideas from their vantage point. I am still finding the same things now, all these years later, only on a much larger scale.

As we have gone through the past few years, I have been given thoughts and insights into what is going on around me; but some of them have been so far ‘out-there’ that I could not believe they could actually be true. Those that I have voiced my thoughts to have laughed at me and ridiculed me as a conspiracy theorist, even though a lot of it lined up with Biblical Prophecy.

But when those things became apparent and began to come true, I was vindicated. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I smugly pointed out the old “I told you so”.

But as time has gone on, I have begun to really see that it was God showing me what was to come – it was not just my own cynical imagination run amuck. I used to think it was just common sense – knowing people and how they operate – but now I truly believe that it was actually God giving me knowledge and insight into the goings on behind the scenes.

Numerous times as I have watched videos and messages over the course of the past months, I have been surprised to hear others share the same thoughts in almost the exact words that I got those thoughts in. These people have been proven in their messages when what they say comes true, and so I trust a lot of them to be right on the money.

I am not so sure in my interpretations of things that I am ready to jump out and declare every thought that comes into my mind, but I am listening a little closer to those still, small whispers that come to me.

Because these acknowledgments have been on my mind recently, tomorrow I will be sharing another video from Dutch Sheets – “Understanding How the Prophetic Works”

I hope it will shed some light and give understanding to those that do not believe in God speaking to His people today.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2022


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