My ‘Saving the Babies’ Dream

I wanted to share this earlier, but due to family illnesses and injuries, I have been unable to post, so here it is now ….

As many of you know, I asked God years ago to break my heart for what breaks His. Since then, He has put a burden on me to pray for the unborn, and the children. He has put His anguish for our most vulnerable into my heart, nearly breaking it at times with the pain He feels. I have spent many hours weeping and sobbing for all the babies that have been murdered over the decades.

And, He has placed in me a deep yearning for all the babies and children that have been so dreadfully hurt. This is not just for the aborted babies, although my arms have literally ached to hold and cherish each of them; but also includes all the children that have been hurt by what has happened the past few years.

And then a month or so ago He gave me a dream.

In the dream we were arriving at what I felt was some sort of outdoor sports event – perhaps a football game – as there were adults standing in a row shoulder to shoulder, as if on the sidelines of a sports field. I don’t know if there is significance in that or not. We got out of the car and I noted they all had lightweight jackets on and I sensed it was fall, but did not notice anything around these people to confirm that. The man standing in the middle if this line turned slightly and I realized he was holding a baby. At first I thought the baby had just a diaper on. I walked over to him and felt anger well inside of me. “Why doesn’t this baby have anything on?” I yelled it in my anger and then demanded someone get me a blanket. “Give me that baby!” The man turned to place the baby, which I noticed wasn’t even wearing a diaper, in my arms as someone else handed me a striped baby receiving blanket. I quickly wrapped the poor little thing in the blanket as tears streamed down my face. It’s legs and arms were thin, just skin and bones with none of the precious ’baby fat’ that it should have had and it was icy cold. I began feverishly to rub the tiny body crying, “Come on, baby, get warm.” It was then that I looked at the pathetic tiny face that was twisted into a snarl of pain, it’s cheeks sunken in as if it was starved. I cried harder and rubbed harder, willing the tiny body to warm up. And then I felt warmth returning to it through the blanket, and as I watched, the tiny body began to fill out. The face grew plumper and the grey skin tone turned pink. When it opened its eyes to look at me, I just began to sob in relief and thanksgiving.

As I woke up, all I could say was “Why God? Why?” And I heard God say, very quietly, “Your prayers have been heard. You have saved the babies, and the little children.” “But why would you show me this?” “Because this is going to be your plan and purpose.”

I don’t yet understand what it all means, but I feel such excitement to see just where it will lead; and I wanted to share it this morning with this video because it was only minutes later that I found this post from Dutch Sheets for that day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2022

Thoughtful Thursday – Reminiscing – The Promise of a Gift

I have been going through old writings. Some of them I may have already posted, but I feel as though I should start re-posting them as they are still relevant today and may be needed by someone new to this site. I am going to put these under the heading of Reminiscing. You can find them in the menu (under the picture above) if you miss any. Today’s is from February 28, 2022

I sit here, sleepless at 1 AM, feeling undone by Who God Is.

I have been praying for months now for everything the Lord has for me from His Spirit, asking Him to show me what I needed to know, to talk to me more clearly. A week or so ago, I began to get these seconds-long ‘pictures’ just before waking that did not make sense at the time.

The only one I have been able to remember was of a pair of hands holding out a wrapped gift box to me. As soon as I took it, the picture disappeared.

So tonight, as I struggled to go to sleep, I had been praying almost nonstop for the people in Ukraine, shedding many tears for their pain and fear. But I suddenly felt as if the Lord was telling me that He wanted me to just be still before Him.

This is something I have trouble with – that sitting still and being quiet before Him. My mind is always wanting to be running ahead to everything else, enumerating the long list of things I have on my heart. It’s something that I have been working on.

I had been contemplating getting a cup of coffee, but felt Him ask if spending time with Him wasn’t more important. I just smiled and snuggled down into my pillow.

I waited for countless minutes, struggling to be still. Eventually I felt myself sinking down mentally into what I can only describe as an emptiness that was both safe and comforting.

And then I could see a road ahead of me – one that is familiar to me- and the intersection and stop sign. As I reached it, the stop sign changed to a blue square with the word ‘Praise’ written in cream lettering.

The Lord then reminded me of something He had shown me yesterday morning. That time, all I could see was a black wall, complete darkness. And then a pale yellow square appeared in all that darkness. I realized it was a window just as it started to swing open.

And then He showed me the meaning of these ‘pictures’ —

The way to open a window of light into the darkness of this world is to take the time to stop moving and praise Him for all that He Is.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2022