I was asked to put this prayer request on here and ask all of you to pray for my niece’s baby boy.  His name is Chase.  He was born February 13th.  They live in Ohio.


Prayers for Chase as he goes to see the ENT today! Prayers for the doctor that he makes the best choice for my little boy. Prayers for a mama who is overwhelmed today with emotions.  We have surgery scheduled for Aug 2nd at Children’s to get tubes. I’m hopeful this will alleviate the ear infections. Along with that, they did a hearing test and it didn’t look very promising. The Audiologist is unsure if he was just distracted or if there is some hearing loss. She didn’t want to make any premature assumptions at this point, so we will re-evaluate his hearing in the near future. Continued prayers and support would be much appreciated!  He’s 6 months and 3 days!  The hearing loss issue is what I am most worried about right now. It’s hard for me to remain optimistic and hopeful that it’ll all be ok and he won’t have any permanent loss, and the way the test went, doesn’t seem like that’s gonna be the case.


  1. Praying for Chase’s hearing difficulties. Lord, guide the medical procedures that will reveal any weakness or insufficiency in his hearing. Comfort and strengthen his family as, together, they walk through this unfamiliar path. We bring these needs to your altar with humble hearts and seeking spirits. Let us give thanks with joy for your many blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen


  2. I could not find an email address here…so I sent you a message on Facebook. God bless, and I’ll certainly be praying for this little baby. I claim Psalm 91 over this child, in Jesus name!


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