Please pray for my sister-in-law Ronda.  She was taken to Springfield Regional in Atrial Fib (an irregular heart rhythm) yesterday.  She was discharged and was given the option of having a stress test in the hospital or in the office…she chose the office. That was to be done yesterday morning as soon as they arrived at the office. My brother just called and said they went to the dr. office this morning and they found there was enough of a blockage that they were sent straight to the hospital for a heart cath. Please pray for a good outcome.  She is baby Chase’s grandma.

Continue to pray for baby Chase. He still has to have a hearing test on the 27th but they think that he will be permanently deaf.

Continue to pray for my sister Missie.  Her biopsy is set for the 31st.

Continue to pray for my son as he waits for the results of the MRI.

Continue to pray for the couple that were in the motorcycle accident.  I haven’t received an update on them yet.

10 thoughts on “PLEASE PRAY

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  2. Heavenly Father, I come to You tonight so thankful Father for the opportunity to come before Your eternal throne knowing Father, that You are eager to hear my prayers, that You love my prayers, and love spending time with me. Father, how it thrills my soul that You love me so much, and how do I love you. Sometimes I think I will burst with this love I feel for You. I know Father, that I will never be able to love You more than You love me, but it is my desire to feel this way always, and to always express to You the love I have for You. Father, You have blessed me so much, have given so much to me, and I’m so thankful. I give You all praise, glory, worship and honor that You are so worthy of as being the Great God Almighty, and the Eternal God, and the Creator and Author of all things which are worthy of our praise. Heavenly Father, I ask You to please forgive me of my sins, and Father I open my heart to You and I pray that You will reveal to me anything there which is not pleasing in Your sight…Clean me of all that is unworthy and dirty, and make me whiter than snow.

    Heavenly Father, I come to You on behalf of Dru and her family. Father, I lift her and her family up before You. Father, You know each of these special people. You know there heart, their spirit, their mind, their bodies, and souls for You made them, and gave them life. You who are the Creator, who have always been and will always be from eternity past knew these people and have given them their place and time for the showcasing of all that is beautiful in You. And as such, Father, I know without shadow of doubt that You have already taken care of and provided these people with all that they will need and require as they go through the challenges they face… Father, I pray that You will give them assurance that all that they’re going through is just a door to even greater blessings, and love, and therefore not to hesitate, but just to walk through knowing that whatever they encounter is just a step toward what You have in store for them.

    Heavenly Father, I pray that You will shower Dru and her whole family with all the love and grace You provide, and that you will give to each that which their soul needs in the way of love, strength, courage, faith, trust, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness. Father, I pray that You will speak to Dru and to the unspoken desires of her heart, and that You will help her to trust in Your goodness, and to have confidence that all she needs she has already in You. Father, help Missy, Chase, his wonderful parents, this couple involved in the accident, all concerned in this family that they are all in the palm of Your loving hand, and have nothing to fear, for You have them well in hand…Thank You for our blessed Savior Jesus, and it’s In His Holy name I pray…Amen.


  3. Thank you Lord for your protection and the quick work for Rhonda. We know with You all things are possible and hold on to that for Chase and his hearing. We pray you meet all the needs for Drusilla and her family through these coming tests and results. You are still the Great Healer!


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