Posted this on facebook last week, but not sure how many saw it.

*  *  *  *

Saturday June 15– 7 AM — Got up with a migraine and then spent the next 10 hours vomiting about every 30 minutes.

Sunday — Felt better but still nauseous.

Monday — Still nauseous with stomach pains becoming more severe through the day.

Tuesday 4 AM stomach pain had settled into lower right
5 AM Woke Bill up when the pain was so severe I couldn’t stand up straight
6 AM Signed in at the Hospital and started the process of filling out paper work.
10 AM Cat scan showed acute appendicitis. Dr. said it was so bad he was                                 surprised that it had not burst.
11:30 AM went into surgery

Wednesday 11:30 AM discharged and sent home.

Praise God He kept the appendix from bursting!

Thursday — groggy and out of it all day.

Friday — woke up feeling much better. Grogginess is mostly gone, appetite is returning to a certain extent, more energy. I think I feel like a person again.

Moving slowly and cautiously, but walking around without too much discomfort.

Sunday June 23 — dreams were getting too dark and ominous, filled with dead animals and a feeling of being pursued.  Because of something my son said about the dreams he was having after starting pain meds for his shoulder, I started cutting back on the hydrocodone/acetaminophen to go with just extra strength acetaminophen.

Tuesday June 25 — dreams are gone and have cut back to 2 pain pills at bed time.

Today, Monday June 31 — almost feeling normal.  still a little tenderness on the right side but otherwise feeling pretty good.

Prayers for your day.


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