My heart is heavy this morning, filled with the pain of loss.

My beloved Leah died in the night last night.


We are not sure what happened. She seemed fine yesterday morning, but during the day I noticed she was acting funny. Her nose was running like someone had turned on a faucet, and she kept throwing up.

She took herself off to an empty part of the house and if someone came too close, she went somewhere else.

Last night I found her laying on the bedroom floor, between some boxes in front of my closet, barely moving. I sat with her for a while, but when Chloe came to crawl into my lap, Leah moved herself around to put her back to us.

This did not surprise me as Chloe was always chasing Leah and picking on her.

CATS 076

I took Chloe and went back to the living room, trying to give Leah some peace.

Sometime during the night she crawled to Bill’s side of the bed, we think to be closer to him, and then died. He found her this morning at 5:30.

While my heart is broken at losing my sweet kitty; I had prepared myself for this long ago; even praying for it in a way.

That may sound strange; but there was good reason.

When I first got Kayla, I fell headlong in love with her.


Then one day I realized that when I was raptured, she was going to be left here to go through the Tribulation. I did not want to go through any time without her, and I began to pray that when that time came, the Lord would put His hand on her and just put her to sleep.

As some of you know, that is not what happened. Kayla got cancer and had to be put down in 2010.

As we added to our pet population, I began to pray that somehow the Lord would take care of each one.

We lost Sandy last October.


As I have watched the unfolding news the past few months — the Boston Bombings, the schools shootings, the deadly explosion in Texas, the scandals in Washington, the ever increasing targeting and persecution of Conservatives and Christians in this country, the attacks on Christians by the Muslim extremists, and the weather related disasters — I have felt more and more weighted down.

The Bible makes clear that in the end times, life will be difficult, even perilous.

Things have spiraled down so far, so quickly, I feel that we are at the door of the end; if not already through that door.

A while back I had a dream/vision where I was in a detention camp for Christians. It was so real I was surprised to find myself still in my home afterward.  I am not sure if this was the Lord telling me to prepare myself for what was coming or if it was a byproduct of an active imagination reacting to everything that is going on around the world.

Whatever it meant, I am praying for strength and guidance in case it comes to be.  I was thinking that I wrote an article about it, but the only one I could find did not mention this dream specifically.

My mother has had continuing thoughts of an army coming in and taking over, kicking us out of our homes so they can live in them and taking everything away from us.

I have read of people having dreams that the United States is going to collapse and be invaded by Russia and China.

All of this has made me look at Chloe and Leah and pray that they would not have to suffer through what may be coming.

God answered that prayer for Leah last night.

So, now we are down to having just Chloe; and I am preparing my heart to lose her also.

"Trick or treat!"

“Trick or treat!”

But in all of this God has been Faithful and Good.

This morning as Bill and I stood on our deck drinking coffee and talking about Leah, we looked across the road and there walking through the brush was a momma deer and her new baby, just barely up to her knees.

God knew I needed some kind of affirmation of life and gave me a clear assurance that He is here with me, loving me and comforting me in my loss.


As I was reading through this post, I remembered my warning about not clicking on any links because I thought I had been hacked.    I have since discovered I was not hacked – it was because of some app that came with a photo program I downloaded.  So if you care to read my other pet articles, I believe it is safe to click on the links embedded in each name.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2013


23 thoughts on “GOODBYE LEAH

    • Thank you Carley. God has shown so many times in my own life that He loves me, is here with me. There have been so many times, as the worst moments happen, that He has given me signs of His deep love for me – a rainbow when Kayla died; the deer yesterday morning; and more times than I can count a specific Bible passage that is perfect for what I am going through. I know that sometimes it seems as if He is removed from everything going on, but that is only our view from our very limited human sight. He IS Good and Loving all the time. It is our own weakness that hides those facts from our perspective.


  1. Hugs and peace, Forever yours, Dru. Thank you for letting us share in your sorrow and we pray you will find comfort in the joyous memories of each one of your dear loving friends. May it be well with your soul knowing that you were treated with precious treasures. Shalom


    • Thank you, dear Jeanne. Even through the pain of the loss, I am at peace with it. God blessed me with years of love and friendship from my ‘babies’ and those memories will continue to fill my heart with that blessing. Hugs and peace to you also, dear friend. God bless your day.


  2. So sorry for the loss of your beauty. I know from experience how painful and hard it is. Animals are a great source of comfort, companionship and just plain fun. When one is no longer in your life, there is a definite sense that a loved one is missing. May the God of all comfort comfort you at this time ((HUGS))


  3. You news brings back sad memories, but also joyful memories of the times we adopted homeless pets after one of ours had passed on. Please keep writing. So many look forward to your posts for comfort and inspiration. Many prayers are headed your way. God bless!


    • Thank you SaintlySages for your comforting words and encouragement. I have been trying to get back into this writing business but my ‘office’ has been taken over by the granddaughter – including a full-size crib — and I go days, sometimes weeks without being able to get to my computer. When she is not here, I am so tired and so far behind on my housework, there is no energy to even think about putting words to paper. She is not sure about the walking part of learning – still wants a hand to hold onto, but she is crawling so fast I have to run to keep up with her. And when I do, she just laughs and goes even faster. 🙂 But we love having her here – she is a blessing each day. And on that note, I have to go prepare for her arrival. Blessings for your day.


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