GOD’S PROMISE, GOD’S LOVE — a short story re-post

I stood watching the black clouds rush toward me, pushing rain-scented air across my face.  The light had taken on that yellowish-green shade that always preceded a storm.

I could see the gray sheets of rain coming across the field, hear the sound of it pounding the ground a short distance away.

I waited, listening to the wind whip through the trees.

Protected under the roof of the porch, I stood and watched it move toward me.  When it arrived, I was surprised by the strength of the wind and the force of the rain as it hit the ground and the roof.            

It created a loud pinging noise as it lashed against something metal behind the house.

As the strength of the storm unleashed it’s fury around me, I couldn’t help but think of Noah.

I was used to the rain, had seen it all my life.

But Noah …

Noah had never seen rain before. And yet had to endure all that rain, for 40 days and 40 nights.

Even as I thought it, the storm moved on, giving way to the brilliance of the setting sun.

I watched the steam rise from the road.

The rain glistened on the leaves of the trees and the needles of the pines at the back of the lawn.  Glittering drops that shown on the branches.  Brilliant liquid diamonds that dazzled the eye.

The steady dripping created a calming sound to the ears.  Peace.

I turned my head. And there it was.

Noah’s other first experience.

A rainbow.  Brilliant color arching across the sky.     

God’s promise.

God’s love.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2011, 2021

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