Lessons Learned 7 – Dealing With It All

As most of you know, I love winter.

I hate summer with it’s heat and insects and creepy crawlies. I have an aversion to bees and bats, mostly because they insist on coming after me. I won’t go out after dark unless I have a hat on, and even then I tend to crouch down or hide behind my husband so the bats can’t aim for my head.

That is not an exaggeration, but it is another story not involved in this lesson.

With winter, I am happy. I love the colder temperatures and the beauty of fresh white snow. I look forward to that first snow in the fall, and am hard-pressed to keep from praying for a white Christmas.

I say hard-pressed because I know that snow is not what makes Christmas and should not be the measuring stick of what defines a blessed Christmas.

But there is always a small part deep inside that can’t help but wish for a snow the day before Christmas so that everything is clean and sparkling when I get up Christmas morning.

And when others are ready for spring by the end of January, I am still enthralled with each new snowfall and am thrilled when we get a good old-fashioned snowstorm.

Now, having said all that, this past winter was another story entirely and it took me a while to figure out why.

As I went through this past winter, I struggled with a sense of being buried alive; of being closed in and closed off from everything but my problems.

I had no place to go; no quiet, private place to hide in. With a small house, a toddler to watch, and a crib set up in my office, my private places and my time for myself were gone.

With a mild winter, I can go walk around outside, breathing in the cold air and listening to the silence that can only come in the middle of winter. Into that silence, I can talk to the Lord, praising Him for the beauty of the winter landscape, and get myself settled into His peace.

But this year it was impossible to do that.

Quite often we were in the sub-zero zone with dangerous wind-chills and warnings to not spend more than a few minutes outside. With near Arctic temperatures for most of the winter, going outside to settle myself was out of the question.

Yet, I did not see that this was part of the problem.

Judi over at It’s Not About Me reminded me in her article Mind Over Matter of the need to just walk away from whatever was happening and spend some time just with God.

By that time, the weather was a little warmer, so when things began to go wrong and I began to feel overwhelmed, I put on my coat and went outside into the cold and snow. With one deep breath, and my mind turned toward God, peace began to seep into my soul.

It was then that I realized that part of my problem was the fact that I had been hardly able to leave the house for weeks due to weather and other factors, and had spent very little time renewing myself.

Thank you Judi, for sharing your story for me to learn from.


Seek after God throughout the day to turn heart and mind away from the day-to-day problems; to draw on His strength and let His peace fill the soul.

As my Pastor said, “Keep the mind on the Bible and the eyes on God.”

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2014


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Is It Spring Yet?

I have never made a secret of the fact that I love the snow. I have made that point loud and clear more than once to anyone willing to discuss the weather.

In the fall, I wait excitedly for that first snowfall; like a child awaits Christmas morning.

I love the pristine look of new fallen snow, the quiet beauty of a gentle snowfall, the serene peacefulness of standing outside after dark and letting those tiny flakes fall around me.

I love to watch the driving snow in a hard wind, blowing across open farm fields and bringing back memories of childhood.

I love to stand outside at dusk and watch the glistening white turn to gray and then blue in the setting sun.

But, I have to admit, I am sick of it this year.

It has been cold, bitterly cold, with wind chills well below zero. Weather advisories have been the norm this season instead of the exception.

We have another today — lake effect snow that could bring as much as 10 more inches by Tuesday noon.

As I stood this morning, coffee cup in hand, looking out the living room window, I thought how beautiful it was. Light snow gently falling to the earth, covering up the dirty snow that had begun to lose it’s pristine quality.

And even as I admired its beauty, I was wishing it was gone.

I want to go out and walk; to work in the garden; to open the windows and let fresh air blow away the stale, heated air inside.

I want to see the beauty of God’s flowers, the bright green of newly budding leaves, the sun sparkling on the lake.

And I want the deer to get past this winter and survive.

I have posted pictures before on Highways and Byways of the deer that come to our feeders and clean out what was meant for the birds.

In that post I mentioned one that was lame, walking on only three legs with the fourth hanging loosely. She has gotten this far and still comes to feed, by herself, as she has done since we first noticed her. She has grown and can now put a little weight on that bad leg.

But this year we now have another lame one that has one back leg hanging loosely. The deer is small, only half the size of its mama, and has a very hard time working its way through all this snow.


As I stood in the window taking the pictures, it stamped one front foot at me.

These two have captured my heart, and whether I should or not, I have prayed that God would take care of them, sustain them through each winter and each hunting season.

I have prayed with clenched fists each time they leave the woods across the road and venture out to reach our feeders. We have had two close calls this year with cars and panicked deer that have run the wrong way and nearly gotten hit.

So as I stood this morning, sipping my hot coffee, with all that going through my mind, I also found myself wondering how many times I have wished for another time; whether back to good times already gone or forward to warmer weather and sunshine.

I mean, really, how much time do we waste thinking of and wishing for another time, another place instead of concentrating on the moment at hand?

For me probably way too much.

But I still wish it was spring.

Blessings for your day.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2014