Fiction Friday – A Conversation on Chaos and Confusion

This is so unlike what I would normally write, I was not sure about posting it; but I feel this is the message that Holy Spirit gave me and wants me to share.

It was a strange fact indeed that the more she thought, the more confused she became.

And the more confused she became, the more thoughts scurried around in her mind as if chased by a furious wind.

Round and round the thoughts chased each other until she was sure the top of her head would just blow right off.

She reached up and put an agitated hand to her hair and pressed, as if to push all the swirling chaos out.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Let it out and breathed in again. Let it out and sighed.

As the thoughts quieted, she took another deep breath and blew it out, as if trying to blow the lingering upheaval out with her breath.


The quiet voice filled her spirit, overflowing with love and chiding concern.

“Yes, Father?” she asked quietly.

“Why do you allow your mind to become so concerned with what is around you?”

“Well ….”

She stretched the word out as she struggled to find an adequate answer but found none.

“Well, what?”

She closed her eyes and blew out another breath in self-directed derision.

“It’s difficult not to,” she admitted.

“It should not be difficult. What have I told you? Numerous times?”

A smile curved her mouth as love filled her for the One that always asked the tough questions. But she remained silent, waiting for Him to tell her.

“Have I not told you? Do you not yet understand?”

There was another silence as He waited for her to answer. She felt rather than heard the answer. When the words left her, they were barely above a whisper, but she knew He heard her.

“Cast all my cares on You because You love me and will carry them for me.”

“Give them to me,” He prompted, “and allow My peace to overflow within you.”

She lifted her arms and held out her hands, silently offering up the fear, agitation, and stress that had risen all too often recently.


It was all gone.

And in its place was love. Peace. Assurance.


She smiled again as the slightest whisper of warmth pressed against her forehead.

And Him.

Maybe if He filled her, the other stuff would have no room to grow.

Just a thought.

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

Psalm 55:22

KING JAMES BIBLE with VerseSearch – Red Letter Edition . Kindle Edition.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2022


She stood looking out the kitchen window, hands buried in
hot, sudsy dishwater.  The winter sky
was bleak with gray clouds scurrying across the sky, blotting out the setting

She felt the pull of
the outdoors and lifted her hands to dry them on the towel that hung from a peg

She gave one, lingering glance at the dishes still setting
in the water and stepped to the door.

The cold hit her like a slap in the face as she stepped
outside, wrapping her arms around her middle in an effort to ward off the
bitter January wind.

It was the quiet that touched her, that deep absence of
sound that can only be found in the country in the dead of winter.  She stood and breathed in the cold air, listening to the silence that seemed to wrap around her in comfort.

She suddenly felt as if she had stepped back in time, to a
simpler place, one of peace and solitude, one without the hustle and noise of

    She absorbed the handiwork of her Lord and Creator, as if she were breathing in the beauty of the bare, snow-laden branches that stood  stark and barren against the sky.  The  gray clouds promised more snow as they raced across the sky, pushed by the wind that whipped around the corner of the house.

As she watched, the clouds parted, allowing the sun’s rays to briefly touch the white ground with glittering fingers of light.

She felt the peace of God fill her heart, assuring her that
He was there, in control of His creation.

She smiled slightly before turning to go back in to those
unfinished dishes.

God was in control and all was well.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011, 2018, 2022