Out of the Darkness

I started a book 30+ years ago, titled ‘Out of the Darkness’ that was about a rock’n’roll singer. Tyler Everett had achieved worldwide success; but in the process had fallen into the habits of drugs, alcohol and women. It is only after he is involved in a car accident that kills his twin brother and makes him temporarily blind that he turns to Jesus for salvation. I have begun working on the story again, and we, well He (the Lord) wrote a poem which, in the story, is Tyler’s song that pays tribute to Jesus for saving him and pulling him ‘Out of the Darkness.’

For years I lived in darkness and sin
The shame of the world I gladly let in
Darker and darker, down and down
Into that life I would gladly drown.

Into my own will, You let me go,
Waiting and watching me, sinking so low
But Your love is Faithful and True
You reached down and led me to You.

My life is Yours, so guide me through
Show me Your will and what to do;
Take my hand and lead me along
Search my heart and keep me from wrong.

Jesus my Savior, I love You so
Where You lead me, I will go;
For when this life is over and gone
I pray I hear those words, Well done.

Chorus: Out of the darkness Your love pulled me
Into the light and then set me free
You opened my eyes and let me see
Your grace, Your mercy, Your love for me.”


The words to this song are not to be used for any purpose without the authorized written consent of © Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com   2019