My Weekend and The New Neighbors

I have spent the past few days outdoors, soaking up, drawing in, the glory of God’s Creation and the beauty around me.  My back pain has been increasing recently making it difficult to sit for any length of time; and it has forced me away from the computer and up and out the door.

We spent part of the weekend putting away the garden decorations, pulling weeds and tidying up in preparation for winter.

The next step will be hanging Christmas lights outside before the weather gets any colder.

In between the necessary work, I spent time walking about with my camera.

And as I clicked away, capturing hundreds of shots of what was going on in my own back yard (secretly glad I no longer needed to pay for film and developing); I felt such joy and thanksgiving to the God of the Universe for giving us so much to see and enjoy.

As some of my previous photos show, we have a variety of animals and birds that visit us throughout the year.  Recently I have noticed a flock of birds that are a joy to watch, and I have spent many minutes chuckling over their antics.  They have moved in, I think, and taken over the area.  They spend their time chasing each other and squabbling over the houses that my husband has made and hung around the yard.

I’m not sure just what they are – they look more like the American Tree Sparrow than the other Sparrows on my chart, and have a distinctive peach color on their back feathers.  But whatever they are, they are fun to watch.

Birds 002

Birds 018Birds 037Birds 038

This house was already occupied when they tried to move in:

Fall 033

Fall 028

I know most people view chipmunks as rodents, on a level with mice and rats, but I love these little creatures.

Birds and leaves 147

I have also been admiring the changing leaf colors and the amazing glow in the early morning.

glow 047glow 051

Prayers and Blessings for your day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2017



Good morning everyone.

I find it hard to believe that we are at the end of summer already and I have not had a chance to write since my last post about my appendix. I have been trying to figure out a way to get back to blogging, but it is like pounding my head against the wall – all it causes is a headache.

Even just now as I was typing the first two lines above, I got called away from my desk.

This summer has flown by with all that is happening.

My garden looks like a jungle of weeds due to the demanding job of babysitting and my month-long recuperation. Even now I have some residual pain that comes from bending and stooping and lifting, making it very uncomfortable to be out tending my plants.



The weather has bounced from one extreme to the other – from unbearably hot and humid (anything over 70 ° is hot to me and it has been in the 80s and low 90s for much of the summer) to what has seemed like never-ending rain. I would like nothing better than to jump into November, but I will not go there for the sake of all of you people that do not like the cold and snow.
Bill has been busy mowing lawns and working on some building projects:

011 012 013 015 016


We discovered mold in the back corner of our pantry because it is directly above the dryer vent in the basement and we had to rip out everything to clean with Clorox and then repaint with mold resistant paint. We got it all done and it looked pretty good until it was invaded by tiny black bugs in the dry goods.



We had to throw out numerous bags of flour, spaghetti, macaroni, oatmeal, pancake mix and baking mixes. Then before we could re-stock, we had to go and invest in some airtight containers.

New air-tight containers.

New air-tight containers.

The red-topped malted milk containers were from when my dad was a baby.

The red-topped malted milk containers were from when my dad was a baby.

I have not decided what to do with my old tins, as I have had them for many years and love them; but I do not trust them now to keep out the bugs.


Blessings for your day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2013