Seeing Is Not Believing Pt. 3

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Gail sat silently, listening as Principal Michaels talked with her parents. She knew that Natalie had been in earlier with her parents; but did not know, nor care, what the outcome of that meeting had been.

Her nose hurt, her whole face ached, and she just wanted to go home and lay down.

The adults stood in unison and the principal reached out to shake her dad’s hand, reassuring him that steps would be taken to ensure nothing like this would ever happen again.

Principal Michaels then turned to look at Gail and asked, “So this was all about Brian Howell?”

Gail shook her head.

“I don’t know, Mr. Michaels. Brian and I have never spoken two words to each other in all the years we have been class mates.”

“Well, I guess it won’t hurt to tell you now, it will be all over school by tomorrow anyway.” He studied Gail for a second and then added, “Brian Howell’s dad was in earlier to tell me he has transferred to some academy upstate.”

Gail swallowed hard and stood up.

“When is he leaving?”

“Today was his last day.”

Gail turned blindly and went out, leaving the adults to stare after her.

A short while later, Gail lay on her bed in her tiny upstairs bedroom, staring at the ceiling.

The doorbell rang and she waited, listening as her mother’s voice carried up the stairs.

“Gail, honey, it’s Becky.”

She rolled off the bed and waited for her friend to appear at the top of the stairs.

“Thanks, Mrs. Roberts.” Becky turned to look at Gail. “Hey, girl.” Her normally exuberant voice was subdued. “How’re you feeling?”

“It hurts, Beck.”

“Is it broken?”


“Man, I’m sorry Gail. If I didn’t say anything to them, she probably wouldn’t have done it.”

“Beck, you were just sticking up for me. Please don’t apologize for being my friend.”

“Well, I’m still sorry.” Becky wandered the room before sprawling her long, lanky body into the chair beside the window. “But the reason I came over is that it is all over school that Brian transferred to some academy somewhere upstate.”

“I know. Principal Michaels told me this afternoon.”

She didn’t mention her dashed hopes, thankful that no one knew just how much of a crush she had on the now-absent-Brian.

“And … word is that Natalie has been suspended for two weeks.”

“Well, great! Another reason for her to hate me and want revenge.”

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Seeing Is Not Believing Pt. 2

Part 1 can be found here.

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Mortified, Gail escaped to the girls’ locker room, intending on getting changed for gym before anyone else arrived for class.

She was already kicking herself for her immature reaction to Natalie’s taunts. She should have stood her ground, should have denied the other girl’s claims.

But she couldn’t. Not honestly.

She did have a crush on Brian.

And now he knew it.

She moaned as she pressed shaking fingers to her hot cheeks.

“Father, I know this is trivial in the long view of things; but can You help me with this? Give me the strength to get through this?”

The prayer was met immediately as an inner peace and strength settled deep inside.

“Thank You,” she whispered.

The sounds of laughter reached her seconds before Natalie’s voice rang out.

“You should have seen her run from the cafeteria like a scalded cat!”

The girls turned the corner and stopped, en masse, to stare at Gail.

“What’s the matter, Gail, didn’t you want Brian to know you liked him?”

They all giggled at Natalie’s question. “Did you really think you would stand a chance with someone like Brian?”

All the heads in the group bobbed in unison, as if some unseen puppet master was pulling their strings.

“Well, he certainly doesn’t seem interested in you, Nat.”

Becky’s voice cut through the laughter and silenced them as they turned to look at the newcomer.

“You need to get hold of your pride, girlfriend,” Becky continued, “and stop throwing yourself at someone that is clearing not into you. At least Gail has the sense to not make a fool of herself.”

Natalie’s creamy skin flushed purple as she flounced away, muttering under her breath.

Gail looked at her friend and rolled her eyes as the group followed their leader through the locker room. Listening to Becky’s angry monologue, she tied her sneakers, then stood up to run her fingers through her short blonde hair.

She did her best to ignore Natalie and her angry glares while the coach outlined the basketball drill they would be practicing during class, praying that they would be on opposite sides of the gym that day.

She sighed as they divided into two groups, each group forming into two lines, at opposite sides of the gym. She guessed she was going to have to rely on God’s strength a little bit longer.

When it was her turn to accept the pass from the front of the other line, she didn’t even have time to register the fact that Natalie was holding the basketball.

Suddenly, the large orange ball was sailing through the air and slamming against her nose. Pain exploded behind her eyes and she could only stare as Natalie and her group of friends burst into laughter.

The ball dropped to the floor as Gail reached up to press a hand against her face.

“Natalie! What are you doing?” Coach Nancy ran across the wood floor and wrapped a hand around Gail’s arm. “Gail, are you … ?”

The question trailed away as blood began to gush from Gail’s nose.

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© Drusilla Mott and, 2014