Book Recommendations

Over the past weeks, I have been sharing my prayer journey, and have found myself wondering if I am the only one that has had problems with the attitude of prayer and the requirements to getting prayers heard.

My post on June 24 in which I admitted to my fear of submitting completely to God’s will because there are things that I simply do not want to do, brought a deafening silence in response; making me question what was wrong with me that no one else seemed to have this problem.

Since then my Pastor’s wife gave me Bruce Wilkinson’s book “Secrets of the Vine”, a sequel to his book “The Prayer of Jabez.” Also, I bought Elisa Morgan’s book “The Prayer Coin”, which I heard about at church. Both of these books have shown me that I am, in fact, not alone in these struggles.

Bruce Wilkinson admits to having struggled against God, often feeling disappointment, doubt and even anger, and gives examples from others that he has talked to that are struggling for various reasons. He then shows how John chapter 15 teaches us to abide in Christ, allowing Him to work through us for God’s glory.

Elisa Morgan’s honest, heartfelt account of her struggles against praying for God’s will and her journey to praying “Not my will, but Yours” opened my eyes to the fact that there are, indeed, others that fight against giving up complete control. She uses Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane as the model for the transition from “Take this Cup from me” to “Not my will, but Yours”.

Both of these books are powerful illustrations for those of us that struggle in our prayer life and in our understanding of God. I recommend both to anyone that would like more insight into the area of prayer and an abundant life. I also recommend The Prayer of Jabez – which shows how to ask God for a life of (in Wilkerson’s words) ‘abundant impact and significance’ for Him.


Getting Reacquainted

Good morning.

As I sit here this morning, I am finding it amazing that it has been almost a year since I last posted. I am not sure where the time has gone; but it seems to have fled by without my knowledge.

In some ways we have been busy, making the time go by swiftly; but in other ways, it has been a quiet year, filled with learning and growing.

I have spent a good deal of time reading. A lot of what I have read are books on prayer – books by E.M. Bounds, R.A. Torrey, D.L. Moody, Andrew Murray, and one that I just found called The Kneeling Christian by Albert Richardson.

I have also been reading books by Grace Livingston Hill and Kimberly Rae Jordan. I love both of these authors.

I love Grace Livingston Hill because of her ‘in-your-face’ old fashioned way of sharing the Gospel. To me it is reaffirming to my own faith to read these classics; seeing the way faith used to be lived out a hundred years ago.

I love Kimberly Rae Jordan’s books because they are so real. Her characters are troubled and faulty and human; sometimes having to overcome sin in their past to get to where God wants them to be. They have struggles and questions and sometimes falter in their faith, but always end up Believers in the end, if they aren’t at the beginning. She has written five different series of books, with characters that are featured throughout the series, and some that cross over into other series. The first book in her new series will be released in September. I can’t wait.

I have also been spending a good deal of time writing my stories. Yes. More than one, as I work on one for a while, and then get an idea for one of the others that I have started and then work on that one for a while before going back to the first. I understand that this is probably not a good way to write, but it is the way my mind works and I have to write what comes into my head when it hits me or I lose it.

By necessity it was years that I let my books sit untouched, but now my days have opened up and I am able to spend time filling those blank white spaces with ideas and characters and Godly romance. I had begun these books years ago and it feels good to get back into those lives, shaping their stories and falling in love with the characters.

And while it has been nice to be able to have the time to sit and read or write, I have to ration my time sitting because I have been having back problems since November. Well, I have been battling a slipped disk in my lower back off and on for thirty years now; and slipped it again the week before Thanksgiving. It is tolerable if I am careful and get up to move around often; but if I don’t, or if I move just wrong, it causes much pain and numbness.

The weather here has been odd. It seems like we had no spring at all. Cold and wet through May and then all of a sudden we are into June and it feels like we just were in winter. We have gotten a good deal of rain, not going more than three or four days before it starts raining again and lasting for another day or two.

The past few weeks have been spent trying to get the gardens in order – weeding, rearranging plants and mulching. – all between the days of rain. We are doing only small areas at a time but it is just about complete.

I am going to do my best to keep at this, because I want to share all that I am learning; but we will see how things go. We may be babysitting for part of the summer, so my posts may be hit and miss for a while.

Praying you all have a blessed day.


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