The Promise of a Gift

I sit here, sleepless at 1 AM, feeling undone by Who God Is.

I have been praying for months now for everything the Lord has for me from His Spirit, asking Him to show me what I needed to know, to talk to me more clearly. A week or so ago, I began to get these seconds-long ‘pictures’ just before waking that did not make sense at the time.

The only one I have been able to remember was of a pair of hands holding out a wrapped gift box to me. As soon as I took it, the picture disappeared.

So tonight, as I struggled to go to sleep, I had been praying almost nonstop for the people in Ukraine, shedding many tears for their pain and fear. But I suddenly felt as if the Lord was telling me that He wanted me to just be still before Him.

This is something I have trouble with – that sitting still and being quiet before Him. My mind is always wanting to be running ahead to everything else, enumerating the long list of things I have on my heart. It’s something that I have been working on.

I had been contemplating getting a cup of coffee, but felt Him ask if spending time with Him wasn’t more important. I just smiled and snuggled down into my pillow.

I waited for countless minutes, struggling to be still. Eventually I felt myself sinking down mentally into what I can only describe as an emptiness that was both safe and comforting.

And then I could see a road ahead of me – one that is familiar to me- and the intersection and stop sign. As I reached it, the stop sign changed to a blue square with the word ‘Praise’ written in cream lettering.

The Lord then reminded me of something He had shown me yesterday morning. That time, all I could see was a black wall, complete darkness. And then a pale yellow square appeared in all that darkness. I realized it was a window just as it started to swing open.

And then He showed me the meaning of these ‘pictures’ —

The way to open a window of light into the darkness of this world is to take the time to stop moving and praise Him for all that He Is.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2022

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