What Are We Going To Do?

First of all I want to apologize for going AWOL again. Things have a way of getting away from me these days. My last posts were entered and scheduled and then forgotten, I am ashamed to say. It is only recently that I thought to check in and, to my surprise, discovered I posted things that I had completely forgotten about. But I have not been idle here. And hope to find the time to somehow, someday share. But first I want to share my thoughts on where we are as a nation and world.

Re-reading Jonathan Cahn’s two Harbinger books has once again reminded me forcefully of how America is following closely the way of ancient Israel, and the dangers we face as a nation that has turned our backs to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

If you have not done so already, may I suggest you read those books? It is alarming to see the parallels between ancient Israel and the US.

I am not going to get into a full lesson or discussion about the history of our two nations, but will summarize as shortly as possible.

Israel is the only nation chosen and formed by God, and established as His people. The Jewish people were led, protected and strengthened by God as He brought them into the Promised Land. They were blessed for centuries as they followed His laws and commandments. But when they began to turn away from Him and turn to false gods and evil practices, God began to pull away His protection and blessing. He gave them warnings – harbingers – that were intended to bring them back to Him. From worshiping other gods to sacrificing their children, they only got progressively worse in their sin and eventually they were invaded and overcome by their enemies. Each time God gave them a warning, they ignored it and were eventually dispersed around the world; and are only now being brought back and re-established as a nation. God is not done with Israel. They are still His chosen people and He will bring about His perfect will for His people.

The United States is the only other nation that has made a commitment, a covenant with God to serve and follow Him at its founding. Blessings and curses were spoken into the nation; and as we kept our allegiance to God, we were blessed above anything the founders could have ever imagined. But we, too, have turned our backs on Him and have gone after false gods. We have become a nation of ‘self-first’ filled with hatred for anyone that disagrees with us. We have also sacrificed our children on the altars of inconvenience and success. We are now calling evil good, and good evil.

Just as Paul told Timothy in both his letters the end times will be filled with evil. We are there, folks. And, as is pointed out in Harbinger 1 and 2, God has sent us the same harbingers of warning – namely 9/11 and now the Covid pandemic.

The question is ….

How will God’s church respond? Will we, like Ancient Israel of the Old Testament, continue to ignore the God that created us, continue to place our lives and our self-interests ahead of His plans and purposes and so bring about His wrath and judgments? Or will we fall on our faces and repent for ourselves and this nation, and hopefully stay God’s hand?

I, for one, am willing to humble myself before my Lord and King and to cry out in repentance for His mercy and grace.

Will you join me?

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