WHEN THE FATHER SENT THE SON – a short story re-post

Originally published in 2011.

The idea for this short story came to my mother one morning recently after reading the Christmas story in the book of Luke.

After we talked about it, I began to pray for God’s direction on whether to take the story and write it out, building on the ideas Mom had been given.  As I prayed, the words were suddenly there, filling my mind.

This is what He gave to me:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Father set the letter down and closed His eyes.

Pain filled Him at the thought of what must be done.

He knew the outcome even before He summoned His Son to come to Him, but knew there was no choice.

“Yes, Father?”

The Son stood in the doorway, waiting for His Father to acknowledge His Presence.

The Father raised a hand and beckoned His Beloved to come sit next to Him.

“Son, I am afraid the people in my kingdom need help and I must send You to take care of the situation for me.”

“Of course, Father.  Whatever You need Me to do, I will do.”

“But Son, it is a very difficult thing that You will be doing.”

When He turned to meet the Son’s gaze, the Son read His Father’s pain and deep sadness there.  He reached out and laid His hand over the wrinkled one of His Father.

“What is it Father?  Please tell Me.”

The Father looked at the hand covering His own and felt tears sting His eyes.

“These people … they hate me.  They do not want me to rule them anymore.  And because they are so unhappy, they argue amongst themselves; hurt, and kill each other.  They do awful things that I do not want to discuss.”

He lifted His eyes to meet those of His Son.

“Son, I want you to go talk to them, teach them, show them that if they come to Me, I will help them.”

“Yes, Father, whatever You wish Me to do, I will do.”

“Son, they will not want You there.  They will not listen to You or accept You.  They will turn from You and say that You do not come from Me.”

“But, Father, why would they not know Me?  If they know You, surely they will know Me.”

“Because, My Son, most of them do not know Me.  They say that they do, but they do not truly know Me.  So, they will not know You, or believe that I sent You.”

“But surely, if I tell them … will they not listen to reason?”

“No, My Son, I do not think they will listen to reason.  In fact, I think that they will try to hurt You because they do not want to hear what You have to say.”

The Father’s voice broke on the pain that filled Him.  To have to send His only Beloved Son to be abused and murdered for the sake of a few filled Him with sadness.  He cleared His throat before continuing.

“They will be too sure of their places in the world, too sure of their own importance and their own beliefs to want to listen to anyone that does not agree with them.  They will be angry with You when You try to tell them they are wrong and that they need to come to Me.”

“Then why send Me?  Why not just let them live amongst themselves the way they want to live?”

“Because if they do not turn to Me, they will be separated from Us forever.  I do not want to be separated from My people forever.”  He drew in a deep breath and blew it out on a sigh.  “I love them Son and do not want any of them to be lost from Me.”  He hesitated, then said quietly, “Son, You need to do this for Me, but first You must understand all that You will suffer for their sakes.”

Not able to sit any longer, He got up and moved around the room.

“They will start out resenting You because You will prick their conscience.”  He held up a hand.  “Indeed, some will listen and believe You.  They will follow You to their own deaths eventually.  But the others …”  He lowered the raised hand and began to pace the room.  “The leaders will be ever more angry with You because they will know You are talking about them.  They will not want You to draw the people from following them.”

He stopped to looked at His Son across the room.

“Eventually, they will figure out a way to kill You.”

“But Father!  Surely there is another way.”

“No, My Son, there is no other way.  If only a few turn their hearts back to Me, then it will be worth the price.”

“Please Father, can’t You find another way to reach them?”

The Father stepped across the room, anguish filling His features.

“Oh, My Son.  A ransom must be given for their sin.  You are the Only One that can pay it.”

“Alright, Father.  Let Your will be done, and not Mine.”

The Father wrapped His arms around His Son and held Him for quiet minutes before stepping back.

“We will be together through eternity, Son.  Nothing can ever separate Us from each other.  You are My Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”

He watched, His tears falling at His feet, as His Son turned and walked away.

His Beloved, only begotten Son, sacrificing Himself for the sins of the people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2011, 2019

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