She sniffled and raised a hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks.  As hard as she tried to fight it, her whole body trembled in fear and anguish.

“I can’t do this!”  Her heart cried.

“Yes, you can.”  The still small Voice spoke to her soul.

“….. not on my own …..”

“I am with you.”

“….. I’m scared …..”

“I will shelter you.”

“….. not strong enough …..”

“I will give you My strength.”

“….. the pain …..”

“I will give you My peace.”

“….. the cost …..”

“I will supply your needs.”

“….. don’t know what’s going to happen …..”

“I do.”

“….. can’t see a future …..”

“I am already there.”

An in-drawn breath, a shuddering sigh, then …..

“Will I die?”


“….. I’m afraid …..”

“I will be there to bring you home to Me.”

“….. my family …..”

“I will be with them and give them peace.”

“….. things I want to do …..”

“You have done all that was required of you.”

“… what purpose …..”

“They will see My light shining through you, if you will let it shine.”

“….. why now …..”

“Your purpose has been fulfilled.”

“….. but …..”

“It is time for you to come home to Me.”

Another in-drawn breath.

“You will hold my hand?”

“I will hold you in the palm of My hand.”

Another shuddering sigh.

Peace settled in, pushing away the fear, the pain, the anguish.


*  *  *  *  *

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2012, 2018


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