Summer’s End

I sit here this morning, contemplating the end of summer and the quickly approaching autumn and winter.

I find myself saddened that the warm months are at an end.

Some of you will understand how far from normal this is for me …. me that has always loved winter and cold and snow. Me that loves fleece and flannel and heavy sweaters. Me that loves curling up in front of the fire with a hot cup of coffee and a good book while the snow swirls past the windows outside.

Me that has disliked the heat and humidity and creepy-crawlies that summer seems to fling at us.

The ‘old’ me loved going out and walking in the middle of a snowstorm, feeling the stinging cold on my cheeks.

The ‘old’ me loved being out at night, listening to the still hush where knee-deep snow muffled all sound and brought a bright peacefulness to the landscape while the stars winked at me from the cold sky.

The ‘old’ me loved flying down the mountain on two thin boards, or slowly drifting back and forth across the steep slope, feeling free, as if I could fly. There was an invigorating sense of peace and, at the same time daring, that came with the choice of whether to go full-out or whether to just glide on that smooth surface.


Feelings I miss now that I am actually old me and not in any shape to be on that mountain on two thin boards.

The ‘new’ old me has seen two summers now that have gone by too quickly and two winters that have seemed colder and longer than I remember them being.

The ‘new’ old me has found the heat from the summer gentler and more soothing on aching joints ….. but still not quite able to handle temps in the 90’s.

The ‘new’ old me is not looking forward to those aches and pains that show up with a vengeance when the temps hit the 40’s.

But, at the same time, we are approaching my favorite time of year … November and December ….. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A time to praise our Lord and Savior for His abundant blessings.

A time to remember that He was born and then died to give us everlasting life.

So, I guess, as I look forward to all that the holiday season brings, I will pull out the flannel and the fleece and stock up on my French Roast; gather up my Bible and my Kindle and prepare to settle in for the duration.

Will you join me?

© Drusilla Mott and   2018


She sniffled and raised a hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks.  As hard as she tried to fight it, her whole body trembled in fear and anguish.

“I can’t do this!”  Her heart cried.

“Yes, you can.”  The still small Voice spoke to her soul.

“….. not on my own …..”

“I am with you.”

“….. I’m scared …..”

“I will shelter you.”

“….. not strong enough …..”

“I will give you My strength.”

“….. the pain …..”

“I will give you My peace.”

“….. the cost …..”

“I will supply your needs.”

“….. don’t know what’s going to happen …..”

“I do.”

“….. can’t see a future …..”

“I am already there.”

An in-drawn breath, a shuddering sigh, then …..

“Will I die?”


“….. I’m afraid …..”

“I will be there to bring you home to Me.”

“….. my family …..”

“I will be with them and give them peace.”

“….. things I want to do …..”

“You have done all that was required of you.”

“… what purpose …..”

“They will see My light shining through you, if you will let it shine.”

“….. why now …..”

“Your purpose has been fulfilled.”

“….. but …..”

“It is time for you to come home to Me.”

Another in-drawn breath.

“You will hold my hand?”

“I will hold you in the palm of My hand.”

Another shuddering sigh.

Peace settled in, pushing away the fear, the pain, the anguish.


*  *  *  *  *

© Drusilla Mott and, 2012, 2018