Summer so far

This summer has seen a variety of weather conditions so far. We have gone from temps in the 60’s to the upper 90’s and back again. This morning it was 62 at 6:30 with a forecast high of around 82. There is a nice breeze rustling through the trees, and my cottonwood outside the kitchen door is making a nice fluttering sound.


We have had a couple of thunderstorms but mostly it is very dry here, with little rain in a month or so. The lakes are down and the flowers are turning brown. As I write this, my husband is out watering the garden with the hose.

The flowers were especially abundant this spring and I was thrilled to have more orange poppies and purple iris this year.

Flowers 076


The beginning of June, we made the drive to Rhode Island to attend my step-son’s wedding. We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful.

Since summer started, we have been kept busy. Housework, gardening, and babysitting again for our granddaughter in the mornings has kept us hopping.

We had last week off from babysitting while my step-daughter went on vacation, so we took a day trip to the St. Lawrence River Friday July 13th and spent the day with friends at their camp near Alexandria Bay.

!St Lawrence Trip 282

Rock Island Lighthouse


We had started setting up a table at a local flea market/craft sale on Wednesday mornings for Bill to sell his woodcrafts and I took some of my cards that I had made to try to sell. But now that we are watching our granddaughter, he loads his wares into the car and goes to the park while I stay home. (He did better this past week by himself than he has all the weeks that I have gone with him.)

This past week the granddaughter and I have worked on practicing writing the alphabet, baking bread, cleaning and doing dishes. She is such a delight, and is always eager to help. I can’t help but wonder how long that willingness to do chores will last.  🙂

Well, that is my update on what is going on around here. I pray that all of you have been happy and healthy and joyous so far this summer. God bless.

© Drusilla Mott and   2018


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