Lessons Learned 4 – Spend Time With God

For many years of my life I have lived in pain.

Pain from numerous injuries that were never fixed and so have never healed. The doctors basically said to learn to live with it because surgery either didn’t or wouldn’t heal what was wrong.

I have prayed for my healing.

Others have prayed for my healing.

But with the prayer I also prayed that if this was to be my ‘thorn in the flesh’, that God would give me the endurance and strength to deal with it.

He has allowed the injuries to subside into a pain and a limitation that I can deal with on a daily basis, and given me the strength to withstand the flair-ups.

More than a year ago I began to have pain in my upper arms, excruciating pain that kept my arms immobile for minutes at a time when I moved just wrong.

Pain that woke me from a sound sleep in the middle of the night and kept me awake for hours with each movement.

Nights of little sleep quickly led to late mornings; and late mornings took me into days without time spent in God’s Word, without a quiet time of prayer to start my day.

And from there my days always went downhill.

A couple months ago, I re-injured my lower back (one of those injuries that I have been dealing with for years); and have been dealing with flare-ups since then.  This has only added to my pain-filled- days and sleepless nights.

Pain kept me in a constant struggle with daily tasks and quickly turned into more work from dropped articles that ended up back in with the dirty laundry, and broken glass that needed to be cleaned up when I could not hold onto whatever I had picked up.

When I spent the first moments upon waking talking to God and reading His Word, these things did not bother me overmuch.

Yes, I was irritated that we would have to eventually spend money we didn’t have to replace the broken item, and I was irritated with the extra laundry that I had just washed but that needed washing again; but it was not some major catastrophe.

However ….

On those days when I slept late and so lost my time with the Lord, everything that I was struggling with, all of the problems, took on a life of their own.

When days led into weeks of sleepless nights and late mornings and no quiet time, my mood took a sharp nosedive that I could not pull myself out of.

But God is leading me through this even as I write these words.

He has healed the right arm of the pain, and I am praying for and believing in a healing of the left arm.

My back pain comes in waves of pain and then will lessen for a week or so, then returns if I sit too long or move just right; but I am learning how to manage it.


No matter what you need to do to accomplish it, always start the day reading the Bible and talking to God.

That bedrock of strength and grace is needed each and every day that we wake up here on this earth.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2014


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