Lessons Learned: A Follow-up to Share Your World week 10

Back in March, I participated in that week’s Share Your World questions and admitted that I had been struggling with a great many things in my life.

As I stated at the beginning of that post, I was not intending to answer those questions because I did not want to put my struggles out there front and center.

But, as I also stated, we are nothing if not brutally honest here; and I began to feel like a hypocrite for writing uplifting, encouraging articles when I was feeling like the four walls of my life were closing in around me.

I was caught.

I could not lie and say I was completely happy with my day-to-day life when I was far from it.

I knew I needed to be honest; but that honesty was not going to say much for my attitude.

And how could I just ignore the questions because they made me uncomfortable with, what seemed to be, stabbing accusations?

I could not get the questions out of my mind, though; and as I thought about them, the answers were piling up in my mind like a parade lineup waiting at the starting point to begin the long walk down the street.

So I answered them honestly, painfully so; and left myself feeling exposed and ashamed for failing in my faith.

After posting it, I prayed for answers. Prayed for something to show me what I was doing wrong, what I was missing.

What was making it so difficult for me to handle all the problems that were piling up? Why had I lost my peace?

And then I began to find blog articles and Facebook posts that uplifted and encouraged.

The more I prayed, the more there were.

Over the next few weeks I want to share the lessons I am learning during this time of renewal and spiritual recovery so that, maybe, others may learn from my lessons.

There is nothing earth-shattering or new, but maybe seen from a different viewpoint, they might help someone else that is struggling.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2014


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