Share Your World – 2014 Week 5

Here are Cee’s questions for Share Your World – 2014 Week 5:

1. If you had a choice to live anywhere, what would be your preference – salt water beaches, forest, fresh water lakes, hot tub, ski resort or desert?

Oh, dear.  Ummmmmm ……. decisions, decisions ……

I know …..

At the edge of a pine forest, on a fresh water lake near a ski resort.  🙂

I love watching the wildlife here ….









013 206708-R1-15-16A_016


So I would want to be near a pine forest that would be full of those creatures.  And it would have to be a pine forest because then it would smell like Christmas year-round.

But right now I live within view of a small lake and would love to be on the shoreline for the beauty and the sound of the waves slapping the rocks on a windy day.

This first picture was taken from our living room window.



And if my injuries would heal and permit me to ski again, I would love to live near a ski resort.  The one I used to ski at is about 20 minutes south of here, on the hill in the center far distance in the above photo.


2. What was your favorite toy as a child  . . . and now?

I’d have to say my favorite toys as a child were my dolls.


I don’t really have a favorite toy now, unless you count my scrapbook supplies and my books.  I do love my i-pod, though.


3. Which do you prefer sweet, salty or both at the same time? 

Depends on my mood.  Sometimes I want just salty.


Other times, all I want is chocolate.

047 050

Love my M&Ms and Oreo cookies; but for you that are wondering – the snacks shown above have been in the house at least a month.  The M&Ms were bought before Christmas.  They are counted in as part of my daily calorie intake in small amounts.  (Just so you know)  🙂

And we’ll discuss that in depth in a later post.

Finally the last question for this week:

4. Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

I have always loved winter and snow, so, the more snow the better.  I hated driving in it when I was working until midnight every night, but now that I no longer work, I love all that snow.  (My husband would disagree, however, because he has to do all the shoveling and snow-blowing.)


CCF12262011_00000 - Copy

Thanks for stopping in.  As always, you can Share Your World by leaving your answers in the comments or by writing your own post and linking to Cee’s blog.


© Drusilla Mott and, 2014


6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 5

    • Thank you Noel. The wildlife shots were taken with my Minolta Maxxum and 70-210 zoom lens, the others with an old digital that was given to me. But with as many pictures as I like to take, we can’t afford the film for my Minolta or the developing cost afterward, so I use the old digital most of the time — much cheaper and easier, but definitely not professional quality. I still have four rolls from last winter that I took of birds and deer, and they are still sitting on my desk with about 20 rolls from years ago that I just don’t have the money to develop. So, instead of buying film and then having it set around collecting dust, I grab the digital and pray for something decent to come out of it. 🙂

      My husband told me I really must stop comparing my photos to other people’s. I look at mine and think they look like a 2 year-old took them when compared to other’s, and I let it bother me. I have trouble looking at a scene and seeing that one part that would turn an okay shot into something spectacular. I see the whole view and don’t have the ‘eye’ for the segment that would be the best part of it. I don’t know if that is something that is a natural talent, or if it can be taught; but I don’t have it. The photos I posted on Highways and Byways today are a little better than the normal stuff, and I am a little more pleased with them than usual.

      Thanks again. God bless your day.


  1. The deer seems to think you hung the feeder there just for it. 🙂 Great shot of the Pileated Woodpecker. My daughter used to live near a pine forest, I loved the peaceful sound of the trees swaying. I could hear birds, but rarely saw them. I doubt I could even stand up on skis! Cee is generous to share photography tips. I read somewhere to “just keep clicking.” I was so glad to finally get a digital camera–no more wasted money on developing pictures that didn’t turn out well. (And I had a lot of them!)


    • Yes, the deer are getting quite territorial. We had 12 here the other day. Bill had to fill the feeders 3 times in one day (they must have been watching for him to refill them – they returned within 5 minutes of him coming back inside). We have finally stopped filling the ones the deer can reach and now only fill the ones higher up for the birds ( & squirrels), Now the deer walk around the yard, sniffing at the empty places where there used to be feed, then walk off still hungry. Makes me feel bad, but it was getting so expensive.

      I don’t think I could stand very well on my skis any more. I’d have to learn all over again.

      I like the convenience of the digital, but they are not as focused, or as close up as my Minolta with the zoom lens. But like you say, at least there isn’t money wasted on pictures that were no good. But then of course if you were like my ex-husband, you would go through them at the desk and refuse to pay for the ones that you didn’t like. 😀


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