What is Facebook for?

I was on Facebook today and I started to wonder just exactly what was Facebook for?

Why are we even on Facebook?

I would think that most of us originally got on Facebook to communicate with the loved ones in our lives that lived far away.

But is that what it is, still?

As I scrolled down my newsfeed, I noticed that most of what everyone put on their walls were recipes, political statements, religious statements, and the like. Things that someone else came up with and that are getting passed on from one person to the other with no actual communication between them.

I am guilty of the same.

I started posting yummy recipes on my wall with the intent that I would some day try them out.

I haven’t.

Yet I still click that little ‘share’ icon each time one of them catches my eye and tempts my taste-buds.

Being a born again Christian, anything that expressed my faith was shared also.

I tried to steer clear of anything political because I got annoyed with some liberal friends of mine that were always slamming conservatives and I did not want to get into a posting war with them over our differences.

But then when my irritation with Washington got going, I began sharing all the little political signs and messages that expressed my political leanings.

But that seems to be all that is shared.

Other than a birthday greeting, do we actually communicate with those that we have befriended?

Am I missing something?

Is this all there is?

I certainly hope not.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to us and to our friends and family to open up the doors to communication and actually share what is going on in our lives?

To let them know that we care about them and not just about what is trending at any given moment?

I think it would, and I am resolving right now to try to get into my friends list and write a personal message on each wall every other week or so. I cannot guarantee more than that, but I will do my best.

Care to join me?
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10 thoughts on “What is Facebook for?

  1. We have a very large extended family and we do keep track a lot via Facebook. We do prayer requests especially, otherwise there is no way we could keep up. The ones who are not on Facebook or don’t have computers, get phone calls. God bless you my friend!


    • Thank you Patricia. I have tried to keep my list of friends to a manageable level, but it just seems like there is so much on my news feed, I miss a good deal of what is going on. My niece posted pictures of their trip to Myrtle Beach last November and I only just saw them last night. That is what prompted this article. Unless I make a conscious effort to visit each person’s wall now and then, I don’t have a clue what is going on. And I have been so rushed when I do get on Facebook, I scan down the news-feed a ways, sharing what catches my eye and then I am off. I just began to question why I was even bothering with it, and wondered how others dealt with it. Blessings for your day.


  2. It certainly is not totally random. Its the same 20 people for me ( I have 130 friends.) I think its a combination of the people with whom you have most interaction and who is online at the time. But I also think facebook throws 2 random folks into the mix to make it appear random. … Facebook will never let you know who has been secretly visiting your profile. If that got out, people would stop stalking and facebook would lose money.


    • Thank you Reinaldo, for your thoughts. I also find that there are only a handful of my friends that I communicate with on a regular basis, but if I don’t actually check out their activity, I miss it. Thanks again.


  3. Facebook is a vast “witness”field for the Truth and a great way for family and friends to share with one another. There are things I wouldn’t know about family if I didn’t read it on facebook…but that is kinda sad…isn’t it.


    • I agree Butch. I first got on Facebook at the request of a relative and then decided to stay on when someone suggested using it as a witnessing tool. But I have to wonder, with all the other things posted there, who actually reads what we put?

      And it is about the only way to find out about family and friends, which is sad; but with so much other stuff on their, it is difficult to keep up without a concerted effort. Like I told Patricia, my niece put pictures on her wall and on my brother’s wall of their trip to Myrtle Beach in November, and I didn’t see them until Monday night. And I only saw them then because I decided to go to my brothers page and see what he had been up to. They live in Ohio and I don’t get to talk to them often and had no idea they had taken the trip until I saw the pictures.

      That’s why I decided I was going to try to check in with each friend at least once a month and see what they are doing.

      Blessings for your day.


  4. Funny…I’ve wondered this same thing. Like many others, it seems my Facebook page shows the same people over and over. Not that I mind seeing stuff from them – it just makes me wonder what every other one of the 300+ are doing. The only time I ever seem to have anything from me on there is when my blog gets automatically posted to Facebook. Maybe I should try actually writing something besides blog posts. 🙂 One good thing that’s come of FB is that we get to see pics of the grandbaby that we haven’t met yet (he’s 4 months old already!!).


    • I know what you mean. I see things others have posted and share them on my wall, but usually miss what the majority of my friends are doing. I have designated a few as close friends, my son who lives in Cali. is one of them; and those people come up often, but the others not so much. And, it is the only way to see what our grandchildren in Rhode Island are doing. That in itself makes Facebook a blessing, but I have begun to feel like I am missing something there and decided to try and keep in closer touch with the others.


  5. I believe Facebook is for all the things you mentioned and I agree with Butch; Facebook and other social media connections can be great witnessing tools. Because of a recent glitch with the wordpress sharing connection, I began manually copying/pasting my blog postings to my Facebook account and realized “friends” are more likely to read and share them over the link to my blog. It was then I began wondering, how many are linked-out? How many assume the link takes them to words of another, instead preferring to read my words? That, I believe, is the human connection of social media.

    Keep the Faith!


    • Thank you Karin. I have missed you!

      I posted a comment on your page and will refer to that here. My son is now in Turkey visiting a young woman he met online, and they have been keeping us up-to-date with pictures of all the places she has taken him to visit. If not for Facebook, I would have no way to keep in touch with him. As it is, I have been in constant contact with them and been able to visit those same places through their pictures and commentary, almost as if I were there myself.

      Thanks again Karin for stopping by. I promise to come visit more often. 🙂


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