Do not click on any links in this article!

Some of you know that I started a photo blog last year.

My pictures are definitely not professional grade, but I am having fun.

Or, maybe I should say I was having fun until I went back through some of my previous posts and discovered that I now have links embedded in some of the wording that I did not put there.

I don’t know where they lead to, was afraid to click on them; but I highlighted the affected areas and clicked the unlink button.  It did not work, so I had to reword some of my dialogue.  That seemed to do it — I think.

And as I was typing this, I went to see the preview, and there were words even before I was done that were highlighted and underlined as if a link were put there – that I did not do.

I also found to my astonishment that there were offensive ads at the top and side of my dashboard.  One that was advertising a meeting site with a girl that was in the process of undressing.

I sent a message to WordPress through the help button, but have not heard anything back yet.

I know there have been some sites that have been hacked, but not the details of what was done.

Not sure if this means I have been hacked, or what.

I am not sure if this site has been tampered with, but won’t get to checking out my past posts for a day or two, if then.

Just wanted to let everyone know not to click on any links unless I have made it plain in the wording that it is a legitimate link.  I don’t know where you will end up or what damage will be done to your computers if you follow a bogus link.

And on that note ….  have a blessed day.


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