Yesterday I posted my thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing with, I have to admit, some trepidation.

I had read and heard quite a lot of angry comments and dialogue on the evil acts done to the people in that city. And I agreed with it.

To a point.

But then the Lord began to work on my heart, to make me see His love for this lost soul. I don’t want to say that I had sympathy for him after what he had done, but I guess I did.

My feelings took an abrupt turn that I could not get away from, no matter how I tried to talk myself out of them. And I did try to talk myself out of them.

I even went so far as venting my anger on my son’s Facebook page when he commented on how angry he was over everything.

I did not want to feel anything for someone that could do something that evil, and told myself that if I held onto the anger, it would wipe out the sympathy.

It wasn’t happening.

Each time a new set of circumstances was reported, each time a new bit of information surfaced, I tried to drown out the compassion with another bout of anger.

It did not work.

I had heard someone on the news make a scathing comment about not turning the sympathy of the country on to him; that he deserved everything he would likely get but did not deserve anyone’s sympathy.

That made me feel like I was betraying all those people that he hurt.

And I could not help but ask myself if I would be so forgiving if it was one of my loved ones that had been killed or maimed.

But I could not stop the feeling — almost a motherly compassion — and a sureness in my soul that I was to set aside my own feelings of pain and anger and pray for him.

I voiced my thoughts out-loud and was not surprised by the vehement disagreement.

So, when I felt led to write down my thoughts and post them, I was afraid of the backlash.

I should have known better.

The comments posted were all in the same line – we need to pray for this man’s soul.

As I read them and replied back, I felt the Lord nudging my heart, telling me that this was why I was to post my thoughts. To assure me, and possibly those that had been wrestling with the same questions, that this was of Him and I was to obey.

And then peace filled me, a peace that can only come from God’s approval and acknowledgment.

I have learned some lessons during all of this, as I stated in my replies to some of the comments. Lessons of forgiveness, and praying for those that deliberately cause pain.

Loving your enemies and praying for those that hurt you can be difficult, but it is something we are told we must do.

As to the question of whether I would be so forgiving if it was my loved ones that were lost or injured …

I can only pray that if it ever is, the Lord fill me with what He wants me to feel and remove from me anything that is not of Him.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2013

When you have the time, please go to yesterday’s post and read the comments left there and watch the videos that Lyn Leaz posted.  They will uplift and encourage.