As I sit here this evening, trying to put jumbled thoughts and ideas into some semblance of order, I am floundering. It seems as if a lifetime has passed since I last sat and stared at this empty white expanse.

Over the last few days, the desire to once again put words to paper has continued to grow in me, creating a need that has long been dormant.

Off and on over the years I have felt this need, as if my very being were in some way attached to the white expanse that took my thoughts so effortlessly, filling in with the essence of my life.

I stare at the white square, heart beating quickly, as I pray for just the right thing to fill it with.

A remembered lesson perhaps?

A kind deed received?

A hint of romance hidden in the day to day living of an imagined friend?

Shared minutes with beloved family that are all too soon memories to be tucked into pages of a book?

Maybe, just for now, it is enough to see this white expanse fill with thoughts of future possibilities while my heart fills with joy and contentment.

Oh how I have missed this!

How I have missed the way thoughts and words tumble through my fingertips to pour out according to the Lord’s leading!

This is my comfort zone. This is my niche.

It is like coming home.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2013



    • Good morning Greg, and thank you! It seems as if this is the first day at a new job and I have to learn everything over again; but I am hoping to get more time to spend here and to come visit everyone. Have a blessed day.


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