I recently caught a brief snippet of an interview that Freddie Mercury did years ago.

The question I heard was this:

“Do you think you’re going to get to Heaven?”

The British rock singer’s answer made my stomach hurt:

“No.  I don’t want to.”

He smiled when he said it, just slightly.

The follow up was, “You don’t want to?”

This time his smile widened.

“No,” he said. “Hell is much better.”

I stared at the image of his smiling face in disbelief.

I don’t know why I was surprised, really.

This man’s lifestyle and preferences were common knowledge; and I had heard others say that they planned on going to Hell because all their friends would be there and it would be one big party.

I find myself wondering how anyone can be so …. well …. ignorant as to say an eternity in Hell is going to be better than an eternity in Heaven.

How could anyone say that Hell was better than Heaven?

And with that question came others:

I understand that these people are not believers, that they have no concept of what Hell will truly be like; but shouldn’t they have even the slightest inkling as to how bad it really will be?

Even Hollywood alludes to Hell as a place one wishes an enemy to.  Movies and television show people telling their enemies that they will see them in Hell.

If an enemy wishes one will go there, can it really be a good place to spend eternity?

And then other questions came popping into my head that I would have liked to ask this singer:

Do you truly think Hell is going to be better than Heaven?

Why would you want to go there?  Do you think Hell is going to be one endless party?

If you think Hell is going to be better than Heaven, just what do you think Heaven is going to be like?

Do you think the idea of going to Hell is a joke?

The choices made today will determine where we spend eternity, and Hell is not a laughing matter, it is not a joke.

Hell is a place of endless torment, where the souls of the lost spend eternity in misery and darkness, away from the God who loves them.

And once you die, you cannot change your mind.

Unfortunately, it is too late for this man.  He died in 1991 from AIDS. Whether he changed his mind before it was too late, and where he will spend eternity is unknown to all but him and his Creator.

If anyone reading this feels the way Freddy Mercury did, come back for my next few posts.

I am going to show what the Bible says about Hell and what it says about Heaven.

And then you can make your decision about where you want to spend eternity.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2012



  1. I think you’re kind of taking this way too seriously. He was being metaphoric. I also can’t tell whether you’re alluding to the fact that it was his own fault for dying. Because it seems that way. I can tell just from your blog roll that you’re obviously a heavy Christian so I should probably shut my mouth but he was a musical genius. I guess I just want to defend him. Sorry that you didn’t understand what he was trying to say.


    • Hi Jennifer. I am glad you stopped in and left a comment. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. As referenced in the post following this one, I have taken some time away from the internet for family reasons.

      No, I do not think I am taking this too seriously. The decision a person makes here in this life whether to accept Jesus as Savior or not determines where they spend eternity. I can’t imagine anyone saying that they thought hell was going to be better than heaven unless they believed it. At the least that kind of comment, even said jokingly, shows clearly that they have no concept of what either place will be like.

      As I said, going to hell is not a laughing matter, and if the people that joke about it truly understood what it is like, they would not joke about it. As soon as I have enough time, I will complete this series of articles as I stated and will explain what the Bible says about both heaven and hell.

      And yes, maybe he was a musical genius, but regardless of whether he was or not, his talents here will do him no good in eternity if he spends it in hell. I am in no way saying that it is his own fault for dying, neither am I standing in judgement. Death and dying is a part of life, thanks to the sin of all of mankind.

      That being said, his comment about hell brought to mind the misconceptions of some and I decided that I would write about the differences between the two as a clarification using Bible verses that describe both places. That is the reason for this article and the ones to come – to clearly define both in a way easily understood for those that don’t know. The reference to Freddy’s interview was in way of an explanation on why the articles.

      Thank you again, for stopping in and commenting. I am glad you did.


      • I would agree with what you said here, Freddy liked to live large denying himself nothing. He was a musical genius, but that does not have any bearing on where he will spend eternity. Freddy was quoted as saying that he had created a monster and that the monster was controlling him instead of he it.

        Freddy is an example of how Satan keeps a person away from the Lord, if you are focused completely on enjoying life and living for that next high, God will mean nothing to you.

        Before anyone jumps on me…I’m not judging Freddy, I used to live in ways that were not so good either. Enjoying life is not wrong, it is just that one needs to know the Lord. As Drusilla said, Hell is no laughing matter. We can only hope that Freddy came to know the Lord in the last days of his life…I hope so.

        Blessings to you Dru…praying for you sis.


        • Thank you Greg, for your comments, friendship and prayer. Things are hopping here – trying to keep up with a 9 month old that is learning to crawl and going after things that she shouldn’t is tiring work, but I am loving it. And she has kept our minds from dwelling on losing Sandy a couple weeks ago. There is not much time to sit at the computer anymore (I go days without even turning it on); but I am wondering if this change in my life is God’s way of bringing a new phase of service into being. I am prayerfully questioning where my “down” time be spent (what little bit I have 🙂 ), but have gotten no clear leading on how much time I am to devote to blogging and writing. I am going to try to find the time to get back to my blogging brothers and sisters, but do not know when that will be. Thanks again, Greg. Will do my best to keep in touch.


  2. D. Your choice will determine your eternal destiny. One is not judged after death to determine if he will go to heaven or hell. That is determined at the moment one dies. If one is a believer he will go to heaven. If he has rejected God then he spend eternity separated in hell. Hebrews 9:27, says, “. . .it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” This judgment is to determine rewards for the believers and degree of punishment for the lost.


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