Good morning, everyone!

For some unknown reason, I have started a photo blog called Highways and Byways of My Life.  There is no telling how much time I will have to devote to this new endeavor or how often I will post, but if you want to join me as I share my life through pictures, you can find me here.  I posted my second post today.

Things are changing here in the Mott household, and I am questioning my sanity as regards the decision to add more blog work to my already full schedule, but felt like it was something I should do.

If that is the case, I will leave it in the Lord’s hands to direct the time spent and the energy used in this new venture.

Looking forward to sharing with you at Highways and praying God’s blessings on your day.



12 thoughts on “MY NEW BLOG

  1. Yes, taking on another blog is a job in I had started the Promise Book not that long ago. Bless you in your endeavors! Hey, hope you saw my note about those Perry Stone vid’s! You’d like them! God bless!


  2. What a wonderful idea. I have been drawn in the same way and although I’ve not begun a new blog I’ve been inclueding my own shots in my posts. There’s something gracefilled about slowing down and catching beauty through the lens of a camera. Thanks for leting us know. God bless you!


    • Oh, Patti, I was thinking of you when I was getting this Tuesday’s post ready — Barns!!! and lots of them. We had to go into the city last week and I made my husband keep stopping so I could take pictures of all the old barns in the area. I got more than 20 pictures – am only putting a few in each post, though. I guess if you want pictures of old barns, it pays to live in farm country, doesn’t it? 🙂


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