Prayer update

My sister Missie’s appointment yesterday with the surgeon went well …. well, when we finally got in to see her.  We were 30 minutes early – our fault –  but then had to sit and wait another 45 minutes after her appointed time to be called in to the exam room.

Anyway, the doctor was surprised when she began talking about a post-surgery checkup and my sister corrected her and said she was supposed to be there for another surgery consultation.  Dr. said that, in her opinion, the biopsy, tests and the post-biopsy mammogram all showed that Missie should be fine without another surgery.  She needs to go back in March for a follow-up mammogram and ultra-sound, and if that is ok, then she can go back to her regularly scheduled mammograms.

She is now awaiting word from her primary care dr. whether he will be ok with that diagnosis – it was him that wanted to have the cyst completely removed.

Thank you for your prayers.


14 thoughts on “Prayer update

  1. I want to thank all of you who prayed for me during this whole ordeal. I appreciate all the support and concern. i could feel Gods presence with me through it all. I praise him continually for the “Normal” results and thank Him for carrying me through it. I am reminded of the “FOOTPRINTS” poem, “…. It was then that i carried you.” THANK YOU AGAIN!


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