We planted these lilies last year in front of the shed:

The beginning of the plan:

This is the front lawn at the top of the new steps:

From there, we leveled out terraced steps and put in 4x4s going down the slope:

Put down landscape fabric:

Added mulch:

And paving blocks for stepping stones:

It wasn’t until after we got them down that I decided we should have gotten the red pavers instead of the grey.  Oh, well ….

Path to lawn:

Mulched lilies and another path into lawn from the shed:

© Drusilla Mott and, 2012


9 thoughts on “GARDENING PROJECTS 2

      • I had dirt under my nails everyday for over a month…i think my knees should’ve been stained too! LOL I was cutting and tearing out sod, laying stone, replanting the sod, planting plants and flowers…uggh…I couldn’t get that mulch smell out of my nose!


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