We began replacing our front lawn with flowers in 2009.

We have worked on it a little bit each year.  We added a picket fence in 2010.

And then steps down into the lawn.

This year we extended the steps down the lawn and enlarged the garden.  I’ll post those pictures next week.

11 thoughts on “GARDENING PROJECTS 1

    • Thank you Lyn. We keep joking because we really don’t know what we are doing, and basically make it up as we go along. The Lord has been kind in leading us through all the projects we have attempted – everything seems to turn out alright. (I am just glad people don’t see the progress as it goes along – with the endless discussions and stops-and-starts that go along with all of it. 😉 )


      • Sometimes I have an idea of what I am going to to do, other times I just go along with whatever. However, it sounds like the way I write…not really a plan or forethought, but more of ‘go along as you’re led.’ so I understand!


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