ON FAITH AND WRITING – A reblog of my very first post

As I sit here, trying to write my very first post, my mind is full of possibilities. What do I want to say? What do I want to share? I suppose my introduction should be just that, an introduction.

I am currently waiting for my first inspirational romance to go through the review process of a publisher. This has been years in the making and, now that I am to this point, I am both excited and nervous at the possible outcomes of that process.

I have wanted to write stories since I was small; but it was only as I became an adult that I truly felt a drive to create those stories. I have felt a need to write, to share my faith and my stories for years, but struggled to find an outlet for them. I felt as if I were wasting a God-given talent by not using what He had given me to bring Him glory.

When I began to work in the office at my church, I found a small outlet for the creative side of me. I was asked to write my testimony of what God had done in my life, and then asked to write articles on God’s Plan of Salvation for our monthly newsletter. The few comments I received were positive and encouraging; but I still felt as if I were stifling my thoughts.

I would go through my day, encountering a person or a place, seeing an interesting event; and there would come a flash of inspiration for a story. I had all these ideas floating around in my head, words pushing to escape onto the written page. I would sit down and the words would just flow through my fingertips to the keyboard.

What stopped me from using those ideas, those words to make a story to share? An undeveloped faith. I was a born again Christian, had a faith in God and Jesus; but I was still in the mindset that if I submitted my stories for publication, I was going to be on my own in that unknown world. And that terrified me.

Since those days, my faith has grown through trials and tribulations. I can look back and see His hand in my life, guiding, directing; always getting me to where He wanted me to be. I can see the tests of my faith, the instances where I was allowed to go through tough times to strengthen my faith and bring me closer to Him.

I can also see all the blessings he has bestowed on me. From major things like a grant to get needed work done on our home; to little things such as beautiful flowers in my garden.

I have made a conscious effort to strengthen my faith and my walk with God; and now I am assured that wherever this new phase of my life takes me, I will not be on my own. He will be right there with me.

I know He will work everything out according to His will. I know that He will work everything to my good. I can rest assured of His promise that whatever His will is for my life, it will be what is best for me. And if His will is that my book be published, that would just be an added blessing thrown in just because He can.

Whatever happens, I have resolved to keep growing my faith and to keep writing for the Lord; trusting Him to take me where He will.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2011


16 thoughts on “ON FAITH AND WRITING – A reblog of my very first post

  1. This is beautiful Drusilla. I was so anxious to publish my first post that I copied and pasted it.


  2. I’m just getting back from vacation in Holland Drusilla. So glad this was the post I came back to! I am glad to know a little more about you and I am glad you have kept writing! It is an inspiration to me!


  3. Congrats on one year!!!! My one year was April 17 2012. My first post was about God’s grace.
    I’m glad to have met you, and honored to call you friend and sister.



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