I have been reading in Leviticus, and I was struck by something yesterday.

All of those instructions for the peace offerings, and the sin offerings, and the trespass offerings ….

Don’t they just shout of God’s love for His creation?

Don’t they show clearly how He is desperate for us to go to Him and seek forgiveness so that we may be in fellowship with Him?

The instructions are so clear, so detailed on what He required of the Israelites; making it easy to follow them and to do what He wanted.

And in the New Testament, the way to salvation is written clearly and distinctly; showing just how much He does love us – how much He wants us to turn to Him and be in fellowship with Him.

With our finite minds and hearts, it is not possible for us to know and understand the depths of God’s love for us; but the Bible makes it clear that He does love us with an everlasting love.

Father, we can not humanly understand the riches of your mercy and grace.  We can not fully understand Your love for us.  But it is my prayer that You will fill our hearts with Your love, that You will help us know unmistakably that You do love us.  Help us to feel that love and to do whatever is needed to restore our fellowship with You and bring us closer to You.  In Jesus name, Amen.


9 thoughts on “GOD’S LOVE FOR US

  1. I’m with Susie on this one, Drusilla! Amen Squared! God has truly gone to great extremes to reveal Himself… we need only open our eyes, ears, hearts, taste buds, etc…. God bless, good friend.


    • Hi Nancy, I really have a hard time reading Leviticus and some of the other Old Testament books. All those rules and regulations, and the descriptions of the tabernacle and the garments of the priests. I have a hard time visualizing what they are talking about which makes it difficult to understand and not the most interesting reading; but it’s better than all those lists of names I guess. 🙂


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