There have been many blogs lately that have pointed out the seemingly short time that we have before our Lord returns.  We see the condition of the world and how those conditions relate to End Times Prophecy.

There has been much talk of the sinful, urgent state of this nation.

This nation has turned its collective back on God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The link at the bottom of this post is for an article that touches on the issue of the urgent need for the United States to have a nationwide revival and turn back to God.  I found it on Twitter, through a link posted by Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia.

It touched me deeply.

It also got me to wondering about what we bloggers can do collectively to help bring revival to this great country of ours, apart from posting on our blogs.

I was hoping you might share your thoughts and insight, give suggestions.

My only idea was to pick a day for prayer and fasting then announce it through all the blogs we are associated with, to bring as many people together as possible to pray for this country.

Please go read the article and let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2012



  1. Good article Drusilla. We should do something. I wonder if Moody Bible Institute is planning anything? We could get a lot of people tied together in this on one day, through our blogs and other sources.


    • Greg, after reading your suggestion about Moody Bible Institute, I went a little farther into the blog and found a site called One Cry. It is a site dedicated to finding people that will pray for revival within the church. This is the link:

      Any suggestions on how to work that in with our blogs and taking a day to fast and pray? There is a place to join the movement. It also has a place to start a group.


  2. Oh boy Drusilla this is potent and what a provocative question! I love Greg’s idea and yours to start a group. I think we start a group and ask members to write posts regarding the outcomes of prayer meetings Sort of like I do with my monthly C.cada posts. Our church has begun a monthly gathering to pray for revival and renewal called Fresh Fire. It’s not a huge gathering yet but it is a start.
    I say where we can we promote small prayer groups that begin to cry out to God and then report on the groups. Nothing builds momentum like a good testimony and that’s what we here in the blogging world are all about right?


  3. Morning Drusilla
    I will keep this matter in prayer
    As soon as I left your site I listened to a Lent Video about Jesus tough teachings in John 6: 64 &66

    These verses talk about the many people who refuse to have faith in Jesus
    and the many disciples who turned their back on Jesus
    But the most telling of all : “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them.”
    Please don’t misunderstand my writing – we must continue in prayer and teaching the Good News while understanding we may never know whom will choose to believe in Jesus salvation
    God Bless


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