I recently saw an online news article that said that Professor Stephen Hawking was looking to hire an assistant to help develop and maintain the electronic speech system that he uses to communicate.

It reminded me of a TV show that I had seen and a conversation I had with our grandson last summer as we went for a walk.

Along the way, he asked questions about God creating the world and us.

“How did God make us?”

“How did God make our bones?…our skin?….our blood?”

I told him God made Adam out of the dirt.  But the rest….

I had to be honest and tell him I did not know.  I told him that when he gets to heaven, he can ask God how He made everything.

That conversation got me to thinking about a show I watched on Discovery channel the previous week.

The show was the premier of a series called “Curiosity” and the episode was entitled “Did God Create the Universe?”

I don’t normally watch shows on the Discovery or History Channels that investigate anything to do with the Bible because they always seem to do their best to prove the Bible wrong.

I decided to watch this one because in the commercials they said that no matter what they found, they would tell the truth.

I should have known from the beginning what the conclusion was going to be because the statement at the start of the show said that it was the commentary and opinions of Professor Stephen Hawking.

The question he asked:  “Is there a God that created and controls the universe?”

The show began with an explanation about the “Laws of Nature” and the statement that these laws are fixed, they cannot be changed.  Then he asked “If the Laws of Nature are fixed, what role is there for God?”

It then went on to point out the discoveries supporting the Laws of Nature:

Galileo’s discovery that the earth is not the center of the universe.

The science behind lightening, earthquakes, storms, and what makes the stars shine.

They then made the statement that if you know the science behind things that happen, you are much less likely to believe in God.

Professor Hawking ended the show by saying that if everything could be explained by science, then there was no role for God to play; and if there was no role for God to play, that meant that there was no God.

I’m sorry, I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but that just does not make sense to me.

Now, I am not saying that scientists don’t know what they are talking about, as far as how things work; but just because they think they know what they are talking about, how does that negate the existence of God?

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  1. Druscilla, I actually think it is quite the opposite! Science actually confirms their is a God. I know for sure Man did not create light. Why? Because we walk in the dark to long and tend to run away from the truth and light. Interesting post. All things are made of matter living and dead, this means to me God is able to command it and it obeys to include mountains. When Jesus said faith the size of a mustard seed, this tells me that we have the power and authority through Christ to command obstacles to be moved and they will obey.

    Thank you for sharing. This confirms their is a God. Man discoveries should tell them their is a God. Obviously, God created all these things first and man last so we would discover His mighty works but again man wants to take credit for all things.


    • I agree, science should confirm God’s existance, but then you have scientists like Professor Hawking who use their knowledge to deny His existance. Like you said, man wants to take credit because they have figured out how God makes things work, yet turn a blind eye to the fact that He created everything, including themselves and their minds.


  2. Righto Drusilla! Poor Prof. Hawking. It’s too bad that science cannot explain everything. If it could Prof. Hawking may actually have explained God. I would sort of like that. 😉


    • I agree. I kept waiting through the whole show to see how he would explain his conclusions, not realizing his beliefs in God and heaven and hell. Afterward, I looked him up online and then I understood why they ended up where they did in the show.


  3. The show began with an explanation about the “Laws of Nature” and the statement that these laws are fixed, they cannot be changed. Then he asked “If the Laws of Nature are fixed, what role is there for God?”

    Ummmm, let’s see now….God made the laws maybe? The universe just sprang into being all by itself you know. With how complex the universe is, how can you possibly think that it (the universe) got here by itself, and that it continues to function on it’s own?
    I’d like to hear Stephen’s explanation on antimatter. The universe should not even exist, it should fly apart but does not. Why? Because Jesus controls it!

    These people annoy me. 🙂


    • Greg, they annoy me too. 🙂 I have had the same questions going through my mind and just don’t understand how they can say that there is no Creator. If you consider the human body and how everything has to be just right for that body to function (heart, lungs, liver, blood, brain), and how the atmosphere of the earth is just what we need to breathe and survive (combining everything to make it able to sustain life), and the fact that this is where we are (not on one of the other planets that could not sustain life) … I mean, come on now!


  4. I enjoy science a great deal, but grow weary of the “science vs. religion” debate. Good science neither confirms nor denies the existence of God. He exists outside the realm of what science is for. Good science looks at available data and draws the best conclusions possible using logic and reason. Many times it does not answer our questions, but perhaps allows us to ask better questions. Using science to prove God does or does not exist is not a proper use.

    There are fixed laws that govern the way the universe operates. God created those laws. He is not bound by them because he exists outside of them. I like to think about the players in a basketball game. They must stay within the boundary lines or they loose possession. But the refs come in and out of bounds all the time. The spectators in the stands are not part of the game, and so no penalty is given for walking to the concession stand. I guess James Nesmith would be God in this analogy; at some point every analogy breaks down.

    God existed before time, and will continue to after time comes to an end. The things we perceive as “real” we will come to understand were only temporal. On the other hand, the spirit world which we cannot see (and science regards as imaginary) is always just out of sight, and is more real than anything we can measure, weigh or view under the microscope.


  5. In his most recent book, Stephen Hawking claimed the universe “can and will create itself.” That’s way more ridiculous than believing in God, I would think, but because he’s highly regarded in his field people accept his statement as completely reasonable.


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