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8 thoughts on “SATURDAY SCRAP – SNOW

    • Good morning Jeanne. We haven’t had much this year, either – we’ve been getting rain instead. These were taken during the blizzard we had in January 1993. I have to say, I miss this kind of snow. I’d much rather have snow than all this cold rain and mud!


    • Thank you Patti.

      The last header photo – blue with snow on the trees – I took of the trees in our back lawn and downloaded. I was amazed at how it came out – what was on here was what came back from the photo developer, completely untouched. In fact, I think I took it one evening when I was taking pictures for the flat traveler book and it was snowing out. I wanted to see if I could get those big fat snowflakes to show up; and because it was evening, everything had that blue tint to it that I love so much.

      This one is one from wordpress. I like it, too — it matches the snow we got overnight. 🙂


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