My apologies for the lateness of this non-post.

We had to take our dog Sandy to the vet Friday evening because she was acting like she was having a seizure or something.  She started leaning sideways and then started falling over.  The vet said she has a lesion on her brain.  I don’t know what that means but they seemed optimistic.

They put her on steroids and kept her overnight.  She has eaten very little, and what has gone down, has come right back up.  They said the pills should help, but there was no guarantee that she would not have a relapse.  She is not doing good at all.

My husband had a doctor’s appointment this morning for a knee injury from a worker’s comp case a few years ago.  Because of the injury, he now has deterioration in the knee.  He has already had three surgeries so far; but it is getting progressively worse and the doctor said he wants to go back in and look to see what is going on with it.

We are in a fight with the worker’s comp insurance company – they don’t want to even pay for a prescription of Ibuprofin; and now we’ll have to see what they say about paying for the surgery.  The lawyer is setting up a hearing date.

I am beginning a new diet, thanks to Jeanne Webster’s recommendation to MyFitnessPal.com; and have progressed to walking 5 miles a day using a Leslie Sansone walking video.  I feel so much better than I did even a few weeks ago.

Praying everyone has a blessed day – or what’s left of it.


25 thoughts on “UPDATES

  1. Sorry to hear about your problems, Dru. Regarding your dog, I had a terrible time with my two girls, Misty and Lacey, daughter and mother Cavalier spaniels. Around Thanksgiving time Misty had a stroke. Same symptoms as your dog. I rushed her to the vet who put her on steroids. I crated her so she had hardly any activity except going out to potty. She came around in a week or so and slowly improved. The steroids stopped the bleeding and the crate kept her from bleeding again. She has regained her balance pretty much, eats ok but drools alot, and goes out to potty ok. She is not the same though, with regards to her own little characteristics. Also she still has no control of the right eye area and I don’t think she sees out of it at all. But at least I have her. Her mother died a week after she had this stroke, so it was not a good time.

    Will pray about your workman’s comp issue. Gee whiz. When it rains, it pours.

    Hope you are successful in the weight loss area. I am dieting, keeping records now and knowing exactly what I put in my mouth. I exercise on my treadmill or recumbant bike, also do exercises with small hand weights. So far have lost 2 pounds. Not much but at least it’s working! Keep in touch ok? If you want to email, i’m ready: jeanne_webster@yahoo.com


    • Thank you Jeanne. I appreciate your thoughts and your loving heart. I am sorry about your dogs; I know how difficult this is. I have to keep telling myself that it is all in God’s hands, and only He can work it out for us. I haven’t lost weight yet, but I know that when you start building up muscle, it weighs more, so don’t go by the scales. Even knowing that, it is easy to get discouraged when the scales either don’t move or go in the wrong direction. Oh, well, I’ll wait a few weeks and then try it again. 🙂


  2. Many prayers for you, Dru. God knows exactly what you are going through and is working in every situation. Our comfort is found in His knowing what He is doing even though we don’t understand.


  3. Sorry to hear of all these things happening at once. God is bigger than all our problems, and will see you through. Praying for healing, provision and comfort. I like Leslie Sansone’s workouts, too.


    • I know — for some reason your posts are going to the spam folder. I realized this a couple posts ago, and have been checking in there for comments. I will continue to check, just in case. Wonder if I should check with wordpress???


  4. Gosh Drusilla – You’re coming to keep me on my knees and on my toes (I started Live Strong on Jan 1st – 9 lbs so far but a long way to go – I’ll check Jeanne’s link)
    Poor Sandy and poor you. You and your husband and Sandy and your legal battle are all in my prayers tonight and now written in my book. Keep us posted. You have a dear kind heart and I’m so sorry it’s hurting.


    • Thank you dear friend. I haven’t heard of Live Strong – but 9 lbs – way to go! I decided the way my weight fluctuates so wildly, I am not getting on the scales until at least Feb. 1st. It is too easy to get discouraged if there is no change – or worse, if it goes in the wrong direction.

      Thank you for your support, your prayers and your friendship. God bless.


    • Thank you Judi. The dog is doing better, I am walking and not eating 🙂 and the hubby’s knee is still a major problem; but we are trusting God to take each concern and work it through according to His will.


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