I was recently nominated for the 7×7 Link Award by Lady Deidre.  In order to receive this award, there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled.

The First requirement is that I have to thank the person that nominated me so…

Thank you Lady Dei, for this honor.  If you haven’t visited her blog, please do so.  You will be blessed and entertained.

Second requirement is that I have to somehow match 7 of my articles to the 7 descriptions below.  (My first thought … good luck with that!)

The Most Beautiful:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM and BIRTHDAY MESSAGE TO MY SON     (choosing between these was too difficult, so I picked both)

The Most Helpful:  THE PRAYER OF JABEZ



The Most Surprisingly Successful: MY CHRISTMAS CARD TO YOU

The Most Underrated: WHAT WE GIVE TO GOD

The Most Pride Worthy:  A MOTHER’S PRIDE

Third requirement is that I must nominate 7 blogs that I think are worthy of receiving the 7×7 Link Award.  Those are:

Christian Coffee Shop

Dicky To’s Inspirational Writings

My Hmmm Collection

Tales From the Mom Side

Two Minutes of Grace

Wayne Augden

Women’s Window

The Fourth requirement is I must tell these 7 bloggers that I have nominated them. (Did it already.)

The Fifth and final requirement is that I must disclose a secret.  (My first thought here … you have GOT to be kidding!!!)  This took some serious thought, and this is what I came up with … 1971, when I was 13, I first saw a TV show called Alias Smith and Jones.  I fell in love with Pete Duel, one of the stars of the show, with all the love a 13 year old is capable of. The following December, I was devastated when I heard he had committed suicide.  Even to this day, the memory of getting that news can still make me tear up.  Saturday’s Scrap is going to be pages done in memory of him, on the 40th anniversary of his death.


10 thoughts on “MY 7X7 LINK AWARD

  1. Congratulations! Great job. I’m proud of you.

    I appreciate so much your nomination for the award, but I am still out on accepting one from another blogger. My ISP is not working well and I am having a rough time just getting on to blog, much less all the rules to accept. Thanks anyway.

    God bless you!


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