These pages are from my Favorite Things Album.  ‘C’ for Christmas.



    • Thank you Patti. The lamp post was from a clip art computer program at church and matched the one in the picture. I colored it and added glitter to the ‘snow’. The Bible and candle picture in my header are from the same program. I colored it also and added the verse to make my own header.


  1. I’m still waiting for the others to arrive Dru, perhaps they will cross in the post , you will receive the many paws and I will receive your Scrapbooking, what a wonderful Christmas gift to look forward to and I’m going to send you some Mullet as well, cooked of course. 😀

    Really beautiful Dru I have never seen Scrapbooking so well presented and I have been a part of a few Craft groups – Love Annie.


    • Thank you, Annie. They are not as opulent or extravagant as some I have seen, but I find I need to be cautious on the amount of embellishments I use on each one – they are so expensive I need to be a little frugal with each page. I can look at the pages I have done and can tell just by the embellishments which ones were done when I had a little bit of extra money to spend on them. 🙂 These are church bulletin covers and pictures from church clip art that I colored and sprinkled with glitter.


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