Last year I decided to try to do a scrapbook page for a shadowbox, and decided to use one of my favorite verses, Philippians 4:13.

My husband sanded and stained the box.

A couple weeks ago, I decided I would change out the page and make a Christmas page for the shadowbox.

I took out the page with Philippians 4:13 and put in Luke 2:11.

Have a blessed day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011



  1. Wow how very very beautiful Dru… no I’m not going to ask you this time to send them to me like I did before because you DON’T! and why don’t you? because you don’t know my address and why ? because you don’t want to know it, because you know being so kind hearted you wouldn’t be able to help yourself and you would send all of your Scrapbooking to me and then you would have none to show on your Blog …. I’m right aren’t I ??? so what I will do is e-mail you my address and then I can show them all on my Blog 😀

    They are very beautiful Dru …how very gifted you are my friend and a blessing in more ways then one even if you can’t cook fish!:-D

    Christ-mas Love – Annie


  2. Do you know Dru you haven’t got me fooled for a minute because knowing what the Scriptures tell us which is to be a servant to others, if I was to ask you to cook the fish for us you would because you can’t help yourself … you have said many times that you live to obey what God asks of you ! So as my servant please cook my Fish 😀 I wrote a poem about fish and have a story about fish I will post them for you sometime but thy are heavy and can convict, anyway back to you cooking my fish……

    Annie is waiting !


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