I have been struggling the last few weeks, feeling tired and run down.  This and some other problems have left me down and depressed, feeling not quite right.  I have had headaches off and on for days, and have had trouble keeping up with everything going on.

This is one of the reasons that my comments on your posts have been reduced to clicking the ‘like’ button for the most part.  Actually coming up with a comment was beyond me at times.

Thankfully this new blog schedule did not create a lot of “thinking” on my part for that duration of time.  I have not, however, been so fortunate with my ChristianBlessings writing or my manuscript work.

My housework has also taken a nose-dive.

Saturday before last, my husband went off at 6:30 in the morning to go deer hunting with his youngest son and I thought I would spend the morning catching up on my blog writing and then use the rest of the day to get some of the cleaning done.

I discovered a funny thing, though.

It has been so long since I have tried to tackle more than just a quick clean, I found myself trying to remember my “S.O.P.” for a full-house-cleaning.  I used to have a method to my cleaning that kept it relatively easy to conquer.

My old schedule was to clean a little every morning, taking one room a day to do an in-depth cleaning (ceiling to floor), and a whole house quick clean on Saturdays.  My house is small and this was not all that difficult to accomplish.  And I always did it the same way every week, so it was routine.

Imagine my dismay when I stood there and could not get into the spirit of cleaning because I could not wrap my mind around the work itself.  It was like the first day on a new job.

I guess I could always lay the blame squarely at the feet of my headache (that really does make sense, doesn’t it?); but it got me to thinking.

Would we have this same lapse in our communication, in our relationship with our Lord if we let it go for an extended period of time?

Isn’t this what makes it imperative to keep up with our studying of His Word and our prayer life each and every day?

And now I really must make another attempt at the cobwebs that have gathered.  Kidding — I did get those on Saturday.

Praying every one has a blessed day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


  1. Understand that problem very well, was almost totally disabled for awhile, I hated that my house was dirty, but my husband and family did help, it was just beyond them at the time.


  2. Well, you did it again… 🙂 making me see myself and realizing I am not the only one struggling with S.O.P. Thanks for encouraging me to get going on what needs to be done and to stick with it!


  3. Morning
    Yes I think our worship and praise time is a “little” like housework
    If we neglect housework and don’t do a little at a time – it becomes double work
    When we worship every day- cobwebs and dust won’t cover our Bible or our invade our lives

    headaches do drag our spirits down – but I am leaving the migraine situation up to the Lord and He has assured me – He’s working on it!


    • Hi Susie. I like the cobwebs and dust not covering our Bibles thought. As I stood and looked at what I knew needed to be done, it was as if the Lord was nudging me saying, “See this confusion that you are struggling with? Now think what could happen if you don’t spend time with Me every day.”


  4. Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling up to par. I need to do some serious reorganizing, or should I say, getting it organized in the first place! It’s overwhelming at times, and now having taken a month off to write…I think I’ll pick up that Bible and get a fresh perspective. 🙂 Feel better soon!


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