Kate stood in the middle of the sleek kitchen, barely hearing the noise coming from the party going on in the living room.  She listened intently as someone explained to her for the first time what Jesus had done to keep her from going to hell when she died.

When Rachel stopped speaking, Kate could not find any words to express the emotions that swirled inside.  She had never heard this before, and wondered about the needy feeling that was growing steadily.

“No one has ever told me this before.  Why have I never heard this before?”

Rachel raised slim shoulders and said, “Maybe because you were not ready before.”

Kate lifted a hand to her brow and said, “I’m not sure I’m ready now.”  She looked at Rachel steadily and sighed.  “Thank you for telling me.  I need to think about all of this.”

She turned and went out, leaving the door swinging behind her.

Rachel began to pray for Kate and had just pushed away from the cabinet when Ted came in.  He stopped short at the sight of his sister standing alone in the kitchen.

“Here you are.  I thought you had left.”  He paused, looking at the door for a second, then looked back at his sister.  “What did you say to Kate that had her rushing out like that?”

“We were just talking.”  She went to move to the door and stopped when he asked, “What did you think of Jake?”

“That’s the second time someone has asked me that.  What’s going on Ted?”

“Nothing, Rach.  I just was wondering.  Who else asked you?”

“Kate.”  She studied him for a second, while her mind whirled with questions.  “Why is everybody so concerned with how I liked Jake?  Is there something wrong with him or something?”

Ted laughed.  “No.  It’s just that the two of you are both Christians.  I don’t have many friends that are, and it just seemed like a nice fit.”

“A nice fit?  What are we a pair of old shoes?”

Her question made Ted laugh even harder.

“Look, Sis, it’s just that I thought you two might hit it off.  At the very least, I was hoping you could direct him to a good church.  You know more about that than I do.”

His explanation seemed sincere, so Rachel let it go and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay.  He seemed nice.  And I told him where my church is.”  She smiled at him.  “So I guess we’ll see if he shows up tomorrow morning.”  She gave him another peck on the cheek and stepped around him.  At the door she looked back.  “I’ll see you later.”

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


7 thoughts on “ACROSS THE ROOM Pt. 5

  1. I’m enjoying the story Dru but when do they have their first kiss???

    Seriously though it is surprising how many do not take advise from others even when it is Godly or given in Love but the Bible tells us this will be so, often they feel… so who are they to tell me it’s none of their business or they should talk their lives aren’t perfect. It is also sad that many are waiting for that special invitation to accept God, when He has already given it to them loud and clear. God tells us today is the day of Salvation if we hear His voice which is His Truth, not to tarry but seek Him with all our hearts.

    A few of my close Christian friends rebuked me when I was in danger, I sure didn’t like it at the time but I thank God I was humble enough to take to heart their advise, I now thank them for upsetting me, it made me think, what am I doing! and to realise how far I had fallen into sin and away from God but when I repented in His mercy and grace He rescued me and restored me into fellowship with Him …how great is His Love.

    Christian Love Anne.


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