Rachel moved around Jake to head across the room to the kitchen. She could feel those blue eyes boring into her and refused to look back. She pushed the swinging door and stepped into her brother’s sleek, modern kitchen; smiling slightly at the woman standing at the counter.

“Hi.” It was the blonde that had given the guy in the sports coat the brush off.


Rachel did not want to get drawn into a conversation, and moved pointedly toward the sink.

“You’re Ted’s sister aren’t you?”

Rachel sighed quietly and nodded. “Yes.”

“I saw you talking to Jake earlier. What did you think of him?”

Rachel hesitated and then said, “He was very nice. Why do you ask?”

Instead of answering, the blonde looked at her cup and asked, “Coffee?” She lifted her eyes to study Rachel before asking, “You don’t drink alcohol?”

Rachel felt like grinding her teeth together at the woman’s persistence; but shook her head and answered quietly, “No. It would go against my faith.”

“Oh, that’s right. Ted said something about you being religious.”

Rachel rinsed her cup and put it into the dishwasher before turning to face the other woman.

“No. I’m not religious.”

The woman frowned deeply. “But Ted said…”

Rachel raised her hand. “I don’t call it being religious. I call it being a follower of Jesus Christ.” Rachel looked at the confusion in the other woman’s eyes. “I’ve heard it said, ‘Religion is man’s attempt to reach God. Jesus Christ was God’s way to reach man.’ Being a follower of Jesus is not religion like the world thinks of religion. It is placing your life into His hands and living for Him in everything you do. It is having the assurance of going to heaven when you die. ”

“Don’t we all go to heaven when we die?”

Rachel felt her irritation and selfish preoccupation shift under the conviction of this woman’s need. She froze, listening to the still, small voice that spoke to her heart. Settling against the cabinet behind her she prayed for uninterrupted time with this woman.

“I’m sorry.” Rachel shook her head and held out her hand. “I don’t remember if we have been introduced or not. My name is Rachel.”

The other woman laughed and gripped Rachel’s hand in her own.

“Sorry. I’m Kate.” Kate dropped Rachel’s hand and looked at her intently. “Why do you say we all won’t go to heaven?”

Rachel prayed for the words needed and began to explain about God giving His Son to pay for man’s sins.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011

6 thoughts on “ACROSS THE ROOM Pt. 4

  1. Hi Dru, so good, I just wish I was there… but maybe just as well I’m not, I would not be able to contain myself, I would have told her all the Gospel by now and invited her home for dinner and to my Church and given her a Bible and taught her Jesus Loves me this I know…I’m catching the next plane before you finish and I can’t get a word in …really enjoying it Dru, thank you.

    Christian Love Anne.


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